Full name: Karl Kevin Bäckström
Age: 19, 1992-07-16
Relationship: On the hunt
Hometown: Ulricehamn
Current residence: Ulricehamn, Sweden
Years snowboarding: 15

Board: Rome - mod 156
Bindings: Rome - Boss
Outerwear: Nike 6.0
Boots: Nike 6.0 - Kaiju
Goggles: Oakley - crowbar
Headwear: Hoppipola

Top 3
Bands: Lil wayne, Swedish House Mafia, Kanye West.
Videoparts: Mikkel Bang – In Color, Halldor Helgason – The storming, Torstein Horgmo – The storming
Snowboarders: Mikkel Bang, Torstein Horgmo, Nicolas Muller.
Websites: Facebook.com, Henrikmikkelsgard.tumblr.com, Helgasons.com
Places to snowboard: Japan(powder), Northstar, Mammoth.
Things to do when not snowboarding: Facebook, party, friends.
Things to do before you die: Spend one night in Megan Fox, Hang out with Lil Wayne, get a kid that was exactly like me.