I did my surgery 2 days ago and everything went well and the arm is straight and should be all good in 3 months. Yesterday night i woke up at the hospital with some mayhem pain and the doctors came and i had a pretty bad bleeding in my arm so i had to go by ambulance to another hospital to get surgery and cut my right arm up on both sides.. So now im chillin here with two 30cm open scars waiting for another surgery tomorrow morning. Im getting morphine shit all the time so the pain is pretty mellow but Hopefully i get my last surgery tomorrow morning! this place is pretty damn boring..


Tomorrow morning at 7am I'm dropping in for hopefully my last surgery! This time its a pretty heavy arm surgery with 3 months recovery time.. Cant wait to get this done and get back to snow! Wish me luck!


Heyy, This morning I woke up to this sexy little fan mail! Don't even ask if i got a morning boner...
She looks pretty delicious.. Feel free to send in some delicious photos to
Me And Chris went to Junkyard last week to shoot some photos for he's new underwear brand CAJS. Took some photos with my iPhone that you can see below. Check out their website here. They look good and fits perfect so go and buy some at!


The babes are back on the blog... Enjoy!


Heyy, Sorry for being a lazy ass and not updating this thing.. From now on I will do at least one post a day! I'm addicted to instagram now.. Follow me @Kevinbackstrom. Ive also updated this site a bit as you can see. New header, you can now also follow my Facebook updates and instagram photos on the right sidebar. Ive changed a little since last time aswell... Im living in Gothenburg now! I made a bet with Tor that were not gonna drink for 11 months and its going good so far. Other than that.. Im still addicted to em bitches! Btw, should i keep posting those hot girls up on this thing? I'm gonna do it anyways so check back at 20:00 for a post full of babes!!!
Feel free to send me some delicious photos
Animal hangin around your neck is G.
The man himself cooking some food with style.
Prescott and Tor on a little boat trip