Alone in Seattle baby

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.. Im chillin with no less than me myself kb here in Seattle! The other brohims went on a 25 hour drive over to Colorado as the conditions at Mt Baker is bad. So yeah.. Im gonna chill here in Seattle now for a couple of days before i fly back to europe for the Nike Chosen shoot! Today i walked around downtown and checked out some stores. I also went to the movie theater and watched the new movie Project X! Hoooooly fuck that movie was so dope haha. If my hometown newspaper would see all those naked ladies in there they would freak out.. That was a next level house party for sure. Wish i was there! Tomorrow I'm gonna get 2 new tattoos btw.. A text on my right wrist and another thing on my left arm! I will show you guys tomorrow. 
Gotta sleep now but there is one thing missing in my bed and I bet you know what that is. 
Bought a new Chain today!
My Nike Air Force 1 shoes.. Love em
gotta buy a new lens for that badboy
Sushi for lunch.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    we'll miss you KB... here in europe ;)

  1. EC said...:

    I miss u soo fckinnnng baaaad.

  1. Ohhh thats nice of you back in europe :)
    Saknar dig med Ällen, kommer hem i slutet på april då ses vi!!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I would like to solve that *thing* problem you have ;)

  1. Willzy said...:

    Get some sleeve done mayne!

  1. A said...:

    i can be your girlfriend

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