New Tattoo - Never Trust A Bitch!

Yo, I just got back to the hotel.. Went to the Tattoo Emporium here in Seattle today and got this beautiful girl and the text N.T.A.B - Never Trust A Bitch. Pretty damn stoked on it!

Alone in Seattle baby

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.. Im chillin with no less than me myself kb here in Seattle! The other brohims went on a 25 hour drive over to Colorado as the conditions at Mt Baker is bad. So yeah.. Im gonna chill here in Seattle now for a couple of days before i fly back to europe for the Nike Chosen shoot! Today i walked around downtown and checked out some stores. I also went to the movie theater and watched the new movie Project X! Hoooooly fuck that movie was so dope haha. If my hometown newspaper would see all those naked ladies in there they would freak out.. That was a next level house party for sure. Wish i was there! Tomorrow I'm gonna get 2 new tattoos btw.. A text on my right wrist and another thing on my left arm! I will show you guys tomorrow. 
Gotta sleep now but there is one thing missing in my bed and I bet you know what that is. 
Bought a new Chain today!
My Nike Air Force 1 shoes.. Love em
gotta buy a new lens for that badboy
Sushi for lunch.

Mt Baker baby

Hello lovers! Im at Mt, Baker right now, Internet here is slower than Lil Wayne on Cyrup! There is no Cellphone connection here and I'm at a gas station right now to upload this post. 
Everything is going great, so much fun to hit pow jumps! Wish i could do that all year... The other day we hit a jump and there was a little crevasse right before the landing. Got a good shot that i was stoked on but wanted to get one more but that didn't really work out. Speed was an issue and i landed on the edge of the crevasse. Hit my knee straight up on my chin and it felt like all my teeth totally exploded. It was all good tho i just needed to get a couple of stitches! So stoked to be here.. Hope it snows a bit more cuz its getting baked up there now. 
On the way up to Mt, Baker.
Sun was shining
Me and Luka building a kicker.. Grab a ass!

Time to get stitches
Another scar on my body <3


Herrrooo, Made it to the states! Got my camera with me this time so i will take some photos and upload from the trip.. Later

On Swedish radio channel Sveriges radio!

''Successful snowboarder Kevin Bäckström is in a fight with Ulricehamns newspaper''

Whats poppin? The blog just hit the radio channel Sveriges Radio.. They were talking about my blog and all the delicious things i post. Apparently I'm in a fight with Ulricehamns newspaper and ulricehamns newspaper say that i post porn on my blog? If you call that porn i don't think you have seen porn before...
 I would rather call it a little appetizer!

He was talking about my sponsors? Why wouldnt they like that i post hot babes up here? You might not have seen that the last ladies i posted was Monster energy girls? Monster Energy is one of my sponsors......

The radio tried to call me for a comment but as i lost my phone i couldn't answer.. so here is my comment - As i said before, Its my blog! I post whatever i want here and if people don't like to watch the ''porn'' i post you can go somewhere else. I don't force you to check my blog but i understand that its hard not to ;) Thank you!

Is there any true blog readers here that back me up??

Listen to the thing here... (only in swedish)
Lyssna: Nyheterna SR Sjuhärad 120317 09:30
Thumb up for babes!


The handball coach doesn't like my blog...

So here we go.... My blog was in the newspaper again.
''Snowboarder Kevin Bäckström, Ulricehamns Athlete of the year 2011, has around 25 images on he's blog on the less said scantily clad ladies, does the UT-Panel have any comments on this?'' 

''Kevin might find it difficult to express himself in writing, young children draw paintings and are happy to show pictures to mom and dad. Most embarrassing level of an elite athlete. What do his specialized associations think? other unions / associations had guaranteed stretched up the athlete who has this kind of public need. /The Handball coach ''

What part of the things i wrote didn't you understand? Its my blog and i post whatever i want up on this thing! And you say that I'm embarrassing? Who the fuck is embarrassing writing bad things about me in the newspaper just because i posts photos of hot ladies? You are embarrassing and I'm stoked that snowboard coaches are nothing like you. 
I can draw a painting for you if you want.. It would look something like this..
So let me have my awesome life while you have your's, i guess boring life stretching with the handball team.

Looks like my sponsor Monster Energy is backing me up here....

In Zurich, home tomorrow!

Hello! Im still in Zurich at Tor's parents place.. Love it here, it almost feels like I'm at home.  Tor left today because he's going to ride in Laax tomorrow. Im flying back home to Sweden tomorrow.. Gonna be home for a couple of days before i fly over to the states! Looking forward to that my friends.
Yupp, thats where I'm chillin right now
Tor's little brother stands for the music in this casa. He's pretty damn good at it too! 
This little thing is running around here like a maniac..

My hometown Newspaper doesn't like my blog.....

Hello world, Just got this sent to me! My hometown Newspaper doesn't like my blog with all the naked ladies i post....  Me and my blog is on ''this week's diss'' in the newspaper haha, thanks for that!
''This weeks diss. Snowboarder Kevin Bäckström's blog. The content is questionable to say the least. I will settle for questioning whether he holds the copyright for the material posted.''
If you don't like my blog, don't read it then you dry ass journalist. Don't get to upset now but this is how it is.. Your newspaper sucks, my blog rocks! Maybe you should start to post some hot ladies aswell so people might find it a bit more interesting to read your shit..

Would you rather read a newspaper with boring things like ''In a black swimsuit from Panos Emporio is 87-year-old Greta in the new bubble bath at Parkgården'' who the fuck gives a shit about that???? or would you rather read a blog full of snowboarding, fun stuff and beautiful women?

What do you guys think? Should i stop posting pictures of beautiful women just because some shitty ass newspaper doesn't like it? hmmm i don't think so...