Still Snowboarding!

So yeeeeah.. Sorry for posting photos of delicious things but i just can't get enough! Actually I'm not sorry cuz i looove that shit. Today was another great and fun day! Me, Frode, Ethan and Doom went up on top of the world again. Hit a pretty sweet step-down jump and we all got some shots so that was cool. Bad weather came in so we went down into the forest and found a pretty dope thing there aswell. Frode left today and Ethan is going to Air & Style in Innsbruck.. So me and Doom (the filmer) are all alone now, hopefully we get some dope shit done. We are taking a day of tomorrow as its bad weather and pretty much the whole mountain is tracked. Hopefully it snows a little so we get some fresh powder to play with.. Thats pretty much it for now. Guess what I'm sipping on right now? check out Torsteins triplecork at the bottom of this post.. Its pretty mental!
Frode is real!
Me, Myself, my mustache and David Doom!

whuuuuuut are those guys doing??
Hugging is whats going down..
A little photo that my bro Andreas took this summer! good times.


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