Im in Montafon now filming with the Rome crew.. The internet here is slow as fuck so can't upload any photos. I will try to upload some of them later tonight!

Hoppipolla winter giveaway contest!

Peetu Piiroinen the finish stomp machine!


A little update...

Bonjour or whatever im a french bulldog today. Last night me and Jokerboy went out.. Nice to see all your homies while your home. Someone gave me a discount card to a hairsalon. thanks for that! let me know when you can cut my hair so we can get this poppin. Going to Oslo tonight to film some street for a while with the man the myth the legend Petter Fosshaug himself..
Much love to this bro right there..
The card to the hair salon 
if i get 10 haircuts i even get a 10euro discount.. never gonna happen tho.

Missed my flight

Missed my flight here in Amsterdam so now I'm chillin at a Sushi restaurant.. I guess i won't make it home in time to go snowboarding today, bummer! The sushi here is great tho.. Just checked my stats from yesterday, still looks good. Im getting from 4k to 6k views a day. Pretty stoked on that i have to say!
My chillin spot..
This is what my stats looked like yesterday..

@ the airport

Hey, I'm at the airport now.. Tired as a muuuufucka! My flight leaves in 30 minutes and then I'm almost home. Going straight to my home resort from the airport for some shredding with my bro Joakim! Up Up and Away.


Shredding Mayrhofen with Peetu and Jamie..

Mayrhofen with the Nike Crew

Hello ladies and gentlemen.. Today me, Jamie, Ethan and Peetu went up and rode the Penken Park! The Nike boss Jon Weaver (the-goodlife.co.uk) was of course with us as always to take photos and film. A edit is coming up on this shit later! here is some photos from today!
Me, Peetu and Jamie chillin 
Fashion shoot
Finish stomp machine


Juuuust woke up and put my clothes on.. damn its cold today! Looks like its gonna be a bluebird day tho so thats good. Hopefully the park is good shaped aswell so we can make an little edit for tonight! gotta go gotta go..
cold as ice
blue morning

Gute Nacht!

Just had a sick little dinner with the crew! The owner of the restaurant recognized Peetu from the air & style yesterday so she had a shot with him. No biggie! Tomorrow we are going up to the park to film some shiiiiiet, will post a video on the blog so check back tomorrow. Bedtime baby!


If any of you blogreaders look like this, let me know cuz then i would like to marry you!