Yeeeeeah, I am doing great thanks! In Mayrhofen now shooting some photos with mr Frode Sandbech. Check out his tumblr here or here! Great photographer for you who didn't now.. Well, today we went to the park and shot some photos there.. Damn, it's so much fun to just be able to ride again and not being home chillin injured jerking of back to back with my left hand! love to be back on snow. Haven't been partying anything since i came so no party photos.. I guess that can wait a little as I'm riding everyday and sleeping 12 hours like a baby every night.. Tomorrow Ethan Morgan is dropping in aswell and we are going up high to do some powder shiiiiiet. Looking forward to that! I promise i will take some photos tomorrow for you guys.. Thats it for now yo.
Still haven't had a haircut yet.. I might just let it grow into dreads or something cuz i don't give a fuuuuuck.
Mr Frode himself..
Do you like my new Header???!?
Tom West the man the myth the legend! He is a reeeeal baows thats for sure.. He is out drinking right now for your information!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Inte dreads! Btw så diggade jag din förra header mer...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    your hair is awesome :)- love it

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