Chillin with babygirl in Amstedam 
Heyyyoooh, Im in Amsterdam right now.. Tired as shit, Couldn't sleep tonight because of that mayhem jet-lag i got from chinatown.. Hopefully i get some sleep on my next flight. Im on my way to Mayrhofen for you guys who didn't know. Looking forward to hit the Penken park and ride with the baows Jon Weaver, check out he's blog btw -! he posts some great stuff on that.

When i came home from China last Tuesday my lovely ladies Ellen and Ellen came and picked me up at the airport with roses and shit! much love to them.. wish it was like that all the time haha.

and yeah.. I'm in Amsterdam now feeling fucked up. Time to sleep on my next flight and dream about these beauties.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I have a question for you.
    The lovely lady is called Ellen is your girlfriend?
    You two look great together!

  1. Anonymous said...: - Nike Chosen Series Funasdalen!

  1. Filippa said...:

    tjenixen, du verkar jävligt skön, har följt din blogg i evigheter. du är sinnes snygg. skulle du kunna tänka dig att adda skype? jag brukar inte säga sånt här, men jag tvivlar på att mitt utseende skulle göra dig besviken, i alla fall om du tycker tjejerna på dina bilder är good looking. hade vart fett nice om du addade.

  1. That lovely lady called ellen is not my girlfriend no. she's just a really good friend of mine!

    haha skicka ditt skype namn så addar jag dig filippa

  1. filippa said...:

    fint, adda filippaax !!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks for your straight answer about your gorgeous friend. 
    You are awesome,after all !!

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