Questions x Answers

So here are all the questions with my answers! goodnight

sex ?
#KB... Yes please

Do you thing u have a lot of fans in the world ?
#KB... I don't really know? 

Would you hang with a girl that u don't know even if she's younger than you ?
#KB... I could hang out with a girl thats younger than me. It would probably be good to get to know her a little first tho?

What style do you prefer on a girl skate (sometimes really pretty dressed) or dressed up ? :)
if you know what i mean
#KB... I like a lot of different styles on girls.. just have the style that fits you best and you feel comfortable in!

You are in a club,bar, whatever with your friends and a girl comes to you and talks with you because she likes you , what would you do buy her a drink or give her a weird look and ignor ???
#KB... I would be nice and talk to her of course! if shes good looking and I'm drunk enough i would probably try to hit on her aswell...

would you like to go on a blind date?;)
#KB... I think I'm to scared for that kind of stuff..

får du mycket tjejer?
#KB... No

how is it goig with your arm???
#KB... Its going good! Just got back from there.. 3 weeks and then I'm good to go.

Getting or giving?
#KB... I would say both..

Jag ska investera i ett par beats by dre lurar, vilka är är det du har och vilka är bäst?
#KB... Dem som jag gillar bäst är tour (in-ear) och studio (over-ear)

Is "stoked" your favourite word in English?
#KB... Im pretty stoked on that word but there is for sure other ones that i like more.

what brands are your denim and woodland vests?
#KB... Ohh thats a good question! The denim vest might be levis or lee but I'm not sure..  i bought the woodland vest at a secondhand shop in gothenburg, no brand. 

hur lång är den?
#KB... Typ såhär

Have you already travelled in france?
(We're waiting for you ;)
What is your best memory? (about snowboard or anything else)
And who is the person who influenced your lifestyle ?
Cheers man and get well soon ! X
And thank u for allowing me to discover "Hathbanger - Little Mix - Remix with Lil' Wayne, Gorilla Zoe and Biggie" it's one of the best remix!
Samira from France.
#KB... Yes I've been to france a couple of times! My best memory so far from snowboarding is probably when i was a kid and won the swedish championships. That was a good feeling! A lot of persons influenced my lifestyle. Specially all the snowboard guys that i travel with all year.. No worries thank you.

are you still together with your GF ?
#KB... Nope I'm single again.. girlfriends aint nothing for KB

Will you still ride at the BIG AIR in Stuttgart? Because of your broken arm?
#KB... No my arm will not be 100% good until then :(

The best five songs you know are....?
#KB... Lil wayne: Little Mix, Mirror, Blunt Blowin.. Kid Cudi: Revofev & Marijuana.

Whats that crazy dace you do with your shoulders?
#KB... Its my baows move

Whats the name of everyone on the nike 6.0 snowboard team?
#KB... Me, Gjermund, Ethan, Halldor, Jamie, Jan, Gerome & Silje from europe and then there is a team in the us aswell.

Do you have something close to a "manager", telling you where you are gonna travel, getting you where you need to be, ordering plain tickets, hotels etc etc, and do you pay for any of that yourself when you are traveling?
#KB... I have a manager from the states that do all my contracts and that! Then i have my team manager on Nike who I'm planning my season with. I book all my flights and hotels by myself with the travel budget i get from my sponsors.

Have you come to a point in snowboarding where you make good money? Do you have like a monthly salary in addition to all you get from your sponsors, like equipment, clothes, traveling and prize money. Or is it other things that gives you money? Which snowboarders do you hang out with the most when you are at competitions etc.? You are my favorite snowboarder btw.
#KB... I make money from my sponsors so i can travel all year & snowboard.. At competitions i mostly hang out with the swedish guys and the norwegians!  

Hva synes du om Norske jenter? kan du legge meg til på skype? (cathrine.braaten)
#KB... Jag älskar dom! Ni är mysiga.. absolut. 

Who are the coolest dudes to shred with?
#KB... Tor Lundström, Ståle Sandbech, Gjermund Bråten, Halldor Helgason.

What are your fav places when staying in Stockholm and some cool shops to buy nice gear?
#KB... I like the Sheraton hotel and the raddison waterfront hotel! Haven't been shopping there so much but you will for sure find some cool shops if you just cruise around in town.

What do you more prefer? Park riding or Powder fun?
#KB... I really enjoy riding park but powder is the best feeling!
Okay, imagine a zombie Apocalypse, what's your best strategy for self defense? Also serious question: fight a pack or wolves or an angry mama bear?
#KB... I would run at first and then decide later. I would hang out with the wolves and sleep with the mama bear..

Coffee, tea or me?
#KB... I don't know what you look like so i would take Tea cuz she looks good..

har du landat på huvet eller en annan känslig kroppsdel ??????
#KB... Har Landat på det mesta alltså. 

Tell us about how life in Mayrhofen went down staying in your TM's house when he was away. Did you get any "visitors". Get well soon man. Get well soon.
#KB... It was great, he's the man that let us borrow he's apartment. Haha we had some visitors.. thanks dawg.

Gillar du att folk du inte känner ger dig 'uppmärksamhet' om man t.ex. ser dig på stan?
Alltså att man kollar eller kommer fram o säger hej?
Hah, skulle det irritera dig eller blir du bara glad? :)
#KB... blir inte alls irriterad tycker bara det är kul!

Why do you want to be asked by your fans?
#KB... Because i want to?

Hemlig Beundrare
är du singel?
#KB... Yes i am.

Witch is your fav lil wayne song and where the fuck have you bought the amazing "i hope i die in a naked girl avalansch" sticker?
#KB... Right now its Bluntblowin, Up Up And Away & Little mix.. I got it from the US Rome guys..

What was your dreams when u were little?
#KB... Just to snowboard all day everyday and to never die!

Hi! what´s your favourite food?
#KB... Sushi or Chinese food.

what do you think about the monster energy fridge fest? because you haven't wrote about it. how did you feel yourself in budapest?
#KB... It was a sick contest! I had a lot of fun over there and hopefully I'm going back there next year again. The partys was off the hook and the ladies were pretty good to!

will you marry me?
#KB... Send me a dirty photo of you and i will think about it.

Hur gammal är du? Hur ofta är du hemma i Sverige? Är din kamera mer värd att köpa än en systemkamera? Känner du Jon olsson?
#KB... Jag är 19 år gammal. Är inte hemma så mycket om jag inte är skadad (som jag är nu). Det beror på lite.. Jag köpte en sån kamera för jag inte orkar ha en stor systemkamera!  funkar jätte bra.. Har träffat han men känner han inte.

what are your tipps for a beginner snowboarder who wants to learn some new stuff??
and when du you throwdown a game of in your face against torstein???
#KB... Just don't be to scared to try new stuff! try on the small things before you send it out on the big ones. Haha i would love to do a game of in your face with torstein but he would kick my ass way to hard.

I have Birthday in the last week of december. Would you come to Austria to celebrate it with me?
#KB... Allright, happy birthday in advance man! if you hook me up with megan fox it might not be impossible hehe.

What's your favourite Snowboard trick?
#KB... Probably fs 360 tailgrab or bs 540 stalefish.

you must make your fun page on facebook...I will be there!
#KB... I will make a fan page soon.

hur lång är du kevin? och vad är receptet för att komma så långt som du har gjort?
Har du varit med om något tungt i livet, i så fall vad då?
#KB... Jag är 184cm.. Vet inte om det finns något recept men bara åk och ha så kul som möjligt så ska det nog gå bra! Försök o hänga på o göra samma grejjer som dom som är bättre än dig.

would you date a girl even though she was chubby? how should a girl be to make you like her?
#KB... I depends on how chubby she was. She has to be fun to hang out with, not to easy to get, look good, smell good & she has to be a princess in bed!

do your headphones play well? I want it too :) you have nice style man
#KB... The Beats By Dre headphones is really good! Get a pair of those man. thanks :) 

Hi KB ! where are you going for new year ? and are you going to switzerland this season?
Get well soon :)
#KB... Yo, I have no plans for new year yet.. Im going to Switzerland when BEO is going down! thanks. 

detta måste ändå vara du och harold eller ?!id=45967 22:26 svart hatt med monster loggan på ?
#KB... I believe so my friend!

Roberto Grigis
hei kev! which pads are u using on your Rome Boss: normal,2.0 3.5?
what do you think is better? About your arm...think you have another surgery? get well soon!!
#KB... Hey dawg, Im using the normal pads.. You just gotta try em all and then see wich one you like the most! Nope i don't  need a surgery so I'm super happy about that..

whats about having sex with megan fox? any further plans?
#KB... Still trying to take that one down! 

skulle du kunna tänka dig att vara tränare inom snowboard privat? :)
#KB... Absolut bara jag är hemma och har tid :)

Gillar du Tyskland och kan du snacker lite tyska?
#KB... Tycker Tyskland är helt ok men är inte bra på att snacka tyska..

Har du satt dubbel cork på någon tävling?
#KB...  Nix inte prövat, bara på film..

How did you become a pro snowboarder? and how was it on the way to the top? :D
And do you have some tip for me as a am snowboarder :)
#KB... I don't see myself as a pro snowboarder. It was a lot of fun and everything just happend. Just go out and ride a lot with your friends and the guys thats better than you and try to have as much fun as possible!

hvordan er du i fylla? kom til norge så kan vi feste sammen
#KB... Jag blir en annan Kevin haha.. Absolut!

wgat do u do beside snowboarding
#KB... Chillin with my friends and partying!

are u singel?
#KB... Yes i am darling.

for how long have you been snowboarding?
du er flink!
#KB... Ive been snowboarding since i was 3,5 years old! tack tack :)

Kan du komma till Åre till vintern?
#KB... Det är inte helt omöjligt!

Are you coming to the O'Neill Evolution in Davos and the Buton Opens in Laax? Hope your arm heals quickly!
#KB... Yeeah i think so, thanks a lot!

Vad gillar du för tjejer?
Vilken ålder ska en tjej vara i?
När började du åka snowboard & hur kom det sig att du blev så bra?
#KB... Gillar alla typer av tjejer så länge dom är feta o hänga med och ser bra ut! Åldern ska va runt 18 -21..  Började åka snowboard när jag var 3,5. Jag har bara åkt mycket snowboard och försökt ha så kul som möjligt. rest runt i olika parker osv. tack.

How did u make it in snowboarding ?
#KB... Ive been snowboarding a lot and i got lucky i guess.

What's your biggest wish ?
#KB... Get inside the pants of megan fox & that i could fly!

Did u ever been in Slovenia ?
#KB... No I've never been there.. Is it any good?

Is a girl with 16 years to young 4 u ?
And what type of girls do u like ?
#KB... It depends? if she looks like a fucking gorgeous thing and are cool to hang out with i wouldn't care! I like all kinds of girls :)

Where did you get that red jacket you riding with ?
#KB... I got it from my sponsor Nike 6.0.

will you ride much in Ulricehamn this year ?
#KB... It depends if I'm home or not. Im probably gonna be out there everyday when I'm home if its good!

Just so sorry about this time. I'm very sad to hear that.
How long your arm is going to take a time to heal?
I'd like to watch your sick riding.....
#KB... Thanks.. yeah it fucking sucks! Its not gonna take any longer than 3 weeks. Thanks dawg.

when did you loose your virginity?
#KB... baaack in the days baby. 

Will you answere No to this question?
#KB... Shutup bitch swallow

Hi Kevin! How tall are you and what´s your shoe size? Fan Lukáš from The Czech Republic.
#KB... Hello, Im 184cm tall and my shoe size is us9! 

If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest have to drown too?
#KB... No. Once the one swimmer drowns, he ceases to swim, and the rest of the swimmers no longer need to synchronize with him/her.

T. Do you sometimes ask yourself: Damn what am i doing to my body- i should get a proper job? And does this influence your way of riding?
#KB... No i don't think about it like that! It for sure sucks to get injured but thats a risk with snowboarding.. It doesn't influence my way of riding.

Matilda Peace'h
What happend to the computer at winter jam in stockholm? Did you get it back?
#KB... It got stolen in the riders lounge.. They bought me a new one!

what park in the world do you like best?
#KB... I would say Mammoth or Park City.

Was the NTG in Geilo a good high school ? do you think its Better then the swedish riks snowboardgymnasium in malung ?
#KB... Yeah it was great but kind of hard for me with the language.. The one in Sweden was pretty good to but school wasn't really my thing so i dropped out!

Walter Frosch
i dont have a question
#KB... Allright BadAssWalter

are you single?
#KB... Yes darling, are you down?

Johannes Frändås
Healin´vibes. Got a slippin disc and do my rehab in your hometown. Both sucks at the moment. Have a nice flight thou..
#KB... Shiiiiiet man that sucks! hope you get better soon.. thanks

Would you come to Air&Style Innsbruck on the 4th of February?
#KB... I don't know about that yet!

Do you like Germany?
#KB... Its allright! I hate the language tho haha.. 

Would you spend a day with a fan in Austria?
#KB... Hell yeaah!!

Thea Rudberg
Vil ikke spørre om noe, ville bare si du er ufattelig kjekk!
#KB... Tack så mycket :)

are you coming to canada? canadian girls ftw.
#KB... I think I'm coming over this winter.. ohh sounds good my friend.

what happen when you broke you're arm?
#KB... Slapt it in the ice in the landing at air & style in beijing and it broke.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    So..Would u date my very goodlooking bestfriend Stine O.E. if u had the chance? Just asking ;)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hey just one question to continue this "game" :

    why riders like you use Apple computers?

    - 'cause it's simple to use it

    - 'cause design rocks

    - 'cause you have some great applications for guys like u

    - 'cause Apple gives them to you


    Oliver Mo

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Can you give me some tips to survive high school next 2 years ?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    About Slovenia ... awesome partys and beautiful girls you should come ;)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Do you like dogs ? which one ?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Would you chat on fb, skype with a girl u don't know ?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    You should do some video blogs

  1. Anonymous said...:

    HAHAHHAH I love U Kev !

  1. Anonymous said...:

    what's the point of your question , there are just girls asking u how should they look so that ''u will like them''...and wants you whatever

  1. Sally said...:

    Hey kev... I hope you answer it even tho the game is over...
    What do you think about switzerland and its girls? ;-)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hey mannen! Ka kamera bruker du no unntagen GoPro? Keep up the good riding og håper armen din blir gydd fort!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    what do you like more. smaller or taller girls? and how many times at night do you have sex i mean how much can you take it.:)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    cute pie

  1. freddie said...:

    Tip of the day KB, Wicked mashup by Lilwayne/Adele right here:

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    Kan kan du inte visa dina tatueringar nån gång? Så sjukt hett...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    If u weren't snowboarding what would do ?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    What kind of style do u like on girls ?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    are you dating any girl right now ?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    what bloggs do you read?

  1. Jil said...:

    and now only one day later i ask myself how many dirty pictures did you get send ;D

  1. Tim said...:

    have you had sex with a hooker?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Are you still coming to the BIG AIR in Stuttgart ?

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