Good news!

Im on my way home from the arm clinic right now! everything went good and i don't need to have a surgery.. sooo pumped about that. It was broken in a good way right were the last screw is on my plate.. the swelling made it look way worse than it was. Its gonna grow together fast and I'm back on my board in no later than 3 weeks! yeeeeah


  1. Valentina said...:

    No later than 3 weeks.....what does this mean for the Relentless Big Air in Stuttgart ? Are you going to be able to attend because I saw you were on the riders list !? (: But probably not since it's already in less than 2 weeks. But nevertheless you would be one of the reasons why to go there for me! (:

    Get well very very soon and good luck for the next time Kevin ! (:
    Austrian greetings

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