Back in Europe x Istanbul

Just landed in Istanbul! Slept almost the whole flight so i feel pretty good.. The only bad thing was that i had to take of my cast after the half flight, sketchy business. My arm looks totally fuuuucked up! 
Right now I'm sitting at a cafe answering all the questions i got in.. I will post the answers tonight!
 a little heart on my finger for you lovers out there.
Life savers when your on a long flight!
One of the best things about this trip so far was my flight home! love it when you have a big seat and can sit comfortable and make a half bed out of the seat..
Bad weather when i left Beijing!
Saw this video with a dude and 6 penguins.. haha such a good movie! after that i passed out like a baby..
Woke up right before i landed in Istanbul. One more flight then I'm home!


  1. nikki said...:

    Hope you had a safe flight =)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    good wishes to your arm

  1. Viki said...:

    That little heart is soo sweet of you!
    Thanks for Santa :)

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