Just checked my stats on my blog.. Im almost up in 300,000 views! stoked on that and i hope you guys like to read my blog.. When I'm up in 300k I'm gonna give away a Nike 6.0 setup(Pants, Jacket, Beanie). Is that a good idea? I will let you know how to win it when I got those 300k so don't forget to check back..  Right now I'm chillin at the hotel just answering all the questions that came in! stoked that so many of you had some questions.. you can still ask me something -here- and i will post all the answers tomorrow as my flight got fucked and I'm flying home today! Cant wait to get home and get my arm back in business.. its so much pain right now.
Eating some pasta bolognese while I'm answering your questions.. 
4,429 views yesterday.. almost up in 300,000 total views.  
High as weezy! Chinese painkillers is the best thing this country have..
Weather is shitty in china today.. its raining and its grey.


  1. Viki said...:

    It's totally good idea give us some Nike swag!
    Hope I get one of that. ;)
    Get well soon!!

  1. Sara said...:

    Just found your blog! LOVE IT!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    are you still together with your GF ?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    where can we read those answers???

  1. I will post them tonight!

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