heyy, Air & Style is over for this time.. Such a sick event! I broke my arm this year again... soooo fucking bummed about that i can't even describe it in words. chingchong fuck off. It was the same arm as last year, its all fucked cause i had plates in it from my last surgery. So i gotta get another surgery when i get back home i guess. Went to the hospital got a cast and went back to watch the contest. Holy fuck they sent it to the moon!! Everybody rode really well and congrats to my bro Ståle for taking 3rd. Torstein on 2nd and my man Ulrik for winning the whole thing and the best trick!! Woman up in my sheets is sexy, if she ain't fuckin' she can exit. later
Me and Ståle hangin.
Broken arm yo
Casting it up
Chinese crowd screaming out loud.

Ulriks check on 1 000 000$ for winning best trick.. no biggie......


  1. Anonymous said...:

    get well

  1. Marcus said...:

    one freakin million us dollars.Shit, i got to step it up..

  1. Luuk said...:

    Faan va drygt!! Kina vill dig tydligen inte väl...

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