Winterjam went down this weekend! stoked to compete in Sweden in front of a swedish crowd.. The competition went allright.. Crashed on my cab 1260 on my first run then i kind of played it safe on my second run with a cab 900.. Last run i did a fs1080. I ended on 4th place so that was kind o a bummer 1 spot from the podium. I had alot of fun tho! :) Overall it was a great weekend with good riding and some good nights out in stockholm. Last night we had a dinner at Oxid and then after that i went to Lobby for the Transition Winterawards and the afterparty. After that we went over to Suite and ended the night at whiteroom. Good times! My mac got stolen aswell so i will upload photos and shit when i get home tonight! here are some photos for now.

Getting ready to drop in..
Jumpin on one of the best stadium jumps ive ever hit!
Grilo, Joanna, me, Bruno, Chris and mr BrĂ¥ten at Suite

Andreas my brother who was with me filming this weekend and Emilio! thanks for a great night guys.


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