Yo, Im in Istanbul right now waiting to board my plane to Beijing.. here is some photos from my trip so far! got a new camera by the way, Panasonic DMC - GF3. pretty damn stoked on it.
My dad drove me to the airport and Tor to gothenburg this morning..  thanks.
rainy days 
Tor the baows in the backseat
Mad chillin at landvetter airport.
every damn night....
and now I'm chillin here in istanbul..

junkyard shoot




just like that..


They allready started to build the ramp over in Beijing! some mayhem is gonna go down in that little birdnest next week.
Im flying over to Bejing, China next week for the Oakley Air & Style! cant describe in words how stoked i am on going there. I guess its the biggest contest i will do this year. Last year in Beijing i broke my arm in practice so that was kind of a bummer but hopefully it goes better this year! check out this video from last year..


Check out this first video from Winterjam.. my brothers edit will come out in a couple of days so check back here soon.


Winterjam went down this weekend! stoked to compete in Sweden in front of a swedish crowd.. The competition went allright.. Crashed on my cab 1260 on my first run then i kind of played it safe on my second run with a cab 900.. Last run i did a fs1080. I ended on 4th place so that was kind o a bummer 1 spot from the podium. I had alot of fun tho! :) Overall it was a great weekend with good riding and some good nights out in stockholm. Last night we had a dinner at Oxid and then after that i went to Lobby for the Transition Winterawards and the afterparty. After that we went over to Suite and ended the night at whiteroom. Good times! My mac got stolen aswell so i will upload photos and shit when i get home tonight! here are some photos for now.

Getting ready to drop in..
Jumpin on one of the best stadium jumps ive ever hit!
Grilo, Joanna, me, Bruno, Chris and mr BrÄten at Suite

Andreas my brother who was with me filming this weekend and Emilio! thanks for a great night guys.


Check out this video of sex panther.. these 2 guys are killing it! went to a pool party in san diego with them this summer and they sent it to the moon. cant wait to see them again..

Sex Panther - "Get Sexy" from Markus Madlangbayan on Vimeo.


Checked in at Sheraton with my brother andreas who's gonna film for Monster this weekend..

My little princes Tor came by for a fast preparty before we sent it out in town..

apparently i went back to my room after oxid before i went to hell's kitchen.. #Dirtybitchessippinrosé
me, fredrik and chris.. good too meet chris again! such a legend.. 

Andreas my brother feeels goood right now! he sent it to the moon last night #Legendrightthere

Lil Wayne - little mix.. on replay all day all night

my view from my bed.. not bad. where em hoes at?


Im off to Stockholm for Winterjam!  I will update more when im there..


Kevin Backstrom preseason interview from dd on Vimeo.


Went to the cinema yesterday with ellen.. my popcorn was alot better than the movie!

fuck you 

After the movie we met up with Linus and took a beer before i went back to utown.