baowsin in sthlm

me and my homeboy seb looking all serious and stuff
Im in stockholm right now doing some physical tests with the national team.. its pretty damn hard and now im tired as shit. goodnight

Isenseven premier & oktoberfest

On my way to munich.. 
To meet ludde and pick up that cutiepie to the right.
getting ready for the isenseven premier
and it was off the hook! 3000-4000 crazy german people were there just sending it! we sent it pretty hard aswell.. had so much fun at the premier and the movie was a banger. thanks Iseseven
My big bro Andreas took a flight to munich aswell to get shitfaced  at the premier and oktoberfest.
Oktoberfest was crazy.. we were chillin at that spot for 7 hours just getting shitfaced. Danny Larsen came down for some party! #goodtimes 

Oakley HQ

Welcome to Oakley!
so yeah.. me and jayson went up to the Oakley HQ one day! got damn that place was amazing. i got to see how they make all the goggles by hand and see all the crazy things about their lenses and stuff. 
matt the big baows. thanks for everything!
The first pair of goggles oakley made.

a little museum in there.
jayson was stoked

Fashion 5.0 Magazine fashion show @Sé hotel

photo: max artwell
photo: max artwell
photo: max artwell
photo: max artwell
photo: max artwell
photo: max artwell 
photo: max artwell
photo: max artwell
photo: max artwell
photo: max artwell

Surfing and tattoos

Me and Jayson went surfing at pacific beach today.. it was not that good! small waves and cold water. A dolphin scared the shit out of me.. tought it was a shark for a minute! #freaked out
Pacific beach baby
Wetsuite off
#doing it
Got it done here.. Black Rose Tattoo! dope place!


Locking up that pool..
Getting that tan on!
KB is the lifeguard on duty. dont worry about it babe..
Mr Hotell is getting that tan on aswell.
Clouds came in for a couple of minutes
after that we went to carlsbad to workout with paul..
looks mellow but its heavy as fuck! 
tuesday = date night with these two lovers..
flipflopping it out here in cali..
sun is going down.
Steak was on the menu tonight.. delicious darling delicious!

would you?