whaaaaaaadup? went to gothenburg today to pick up some new fresh iBeats before i go to Cali! Thanks alot Tomas & Brands For Success!! 
Go buy your own pair of beats.. you wont regret it i promise! 

Dropping in with kevin bäckström and tor lundström


Junkfest afterparty

Junkfest was legendary this year again.. thanks thomas/junkyard for a great weekend! here is some random photos from last night.
Bilare drinking beer like a baows
Ruge like a baows
you girl in the red t-shirt.. i think i might be in love with you <3 lets get married yeah?! ismashed like a baows
ismashed again & hey ladies im not taking a photo of you..... 
there was alot of love in the club last night.
me and my wife!


My one and only girlfriend! she will.
oldschool Anchor that my friend made.. 
a little heart for you ladies out there. love

A for Andreas my brother! he's the man. 


Check out my team manager jonathan weavers interview on methodmag & his blog here..
Watch his awesome videopart from back in the days. like a baows!

Junkfest 2011

Junkfest is going down this saturday! you better be there.

Videos is now up and runningI

there is now a page for all my videos.. find it on the menu above! hope you guys like it.



Good morning.. tired as a mthrfckr! about to pack my bags cuz im going to Junkfest tomorrow..
my little crib
The Carter IV.. Blunt Blowin'

Lil Wayne - the carter IV

Just listend on the Carter IV.. lil wayne is a baows!!


Cant sleep.. boosting this beast song in my beats!

Nike Vapen Sessions Trailer

Dex and fab's bicycle haha

New blog design!

Hey, my new blog design is now up and running and i will update my blog better than before! do you like it?

Chillin at Lomanders

A couple a weeks ago i went to my friend Linus summer place.. Had some awesome days down there! thanks.
Like a fish in the water




Ready to jump in!

Lomanders beach house