Things went down today!

hello world.. me and ludacriss sent it off with some yoga this morning! after that we went out for a long walk and then we sent it over the lake in our new plastic boat haha.. things are going down here in Ulricehamn i tell you!
Started our walk from the town

all the way out to the woods

to our little plastic boat we bought yesterday.

then we sent it off!

over the lake and then the rain came down..and thunder! it was kinda sketchy out there in that little boat.. 

thats the route we took today, pretty damn good. gym is going down soon! hollaaa


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm in love with you, but you are far far away

  1. Anonymous said...:

    nice shoes, some kind of running nike shoes? which model is it?

  1. Beatrice said...:

    du är sjukt snygg!
    kan inte du komma till Åre till vintern? :)

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