Anonymous said...
is it true that all swedish people are badasses? and are you for or against slopestyle in the olympics?
KB: haha i guess thats not true! im for slopestyle in the olympics :)

Anonymous said...
I want u in Poland, Warsaw ;) come to us please :)
KB: buy me a ticket and i will be there.

Anonymous said...
how did you hurt your knee?
KB: landed short on a stepdown jump in park city.

Anonymous said...
har du en fast lön från dina sponsorer eller får du saker betalda? :)
KB: fast lön.

Anonymous said...
i have that same nike sweatshirt!
hows your summer going?

KB: awesome! summer has been great so far. just a bummer with my knee..

Anonymous said...
KB: rob a bank bro

Anonymous said...
how much do you spend on your hair? :)
KB: i spent 0 dollars on my hair haha.. 

Anonymous said...
When do you come to Germany?
KB: Isenseven premier in munich, be there!

Anonymous said...
would you teach younger people snowboard?
KB: for sure!

Anonymous said...
do you have a girlfriend at the moment?<3
KB: no im livin the single life at the moment!

Anonymous said...
when did you start snowboarding??
KB: when i was 3,5 years old.

Anonymous said...
How tall are you?? Would you want a girlfriend who is taller than you?
KB: im 182cm, yes that would be dope but i dont really care if they are short or not.

Anonymous said...
do you like girls with blond or brown hair? =) i love your blog
KB: both at the same time, thanks!;)

Anonymous said...
Where do you do your header ? :)
KB: made it myself in photoshop.

Anonymous said...
Are you snowboarding in ulricehamn mutch? it would be nice to see you there ! I´m a hugh fan !
KB: no not really, you might see me there next season.. stoked to hear that :) 

snowboard_85 said...
what is your favorite sushi roll bro?!?!
KB: california roll bro

Anonymous said...
would you use skype with a girl you don´t know?
KB: absolutely! hit me up

Anonymous said...
va andvänder du för kamera/objektiv för att få så sköna fisheye foton? (:
KB: jag använder en vanlig gopro kamera:)

Anonymous said...
How does it feel to hang out with mr. Helgason? And, have you ever come to shred to south america?
KB: it feels like i dont know?? hes a funny guy! never been to south america before.

Anonymous said...
skriv grattis till lisa sterner på facebook, hon fyller år idag. hon typ avgudar dig så det skulle lätt va den bästa presenten hon får, nånsin!
KB: done:)

Tomo said...
What is your view on snowboarding slopestyle at the winter olympics
2014? Are you down?

KB: I think its great that slopestyle is in the olympics now!! im down like a mf.

eada18 said...
Why do you tan so much?
KB: so i get a good tan?

Anonymous said...
varför är du så snygg?
och kan du komma till mullsjö alpin någon gång i vinter, ligger typ 22 km ifrån ulricehamn?
favorit skrillex låt?

KB: haha tack så mycket, ingen aning? absolut det kanske jag skulle kunna göra! bästa skrillex låt.. rock n roll tror jag.

Walter Frosch said...
whats for lunch?
KB: cold pasta with chicken

Anonymous said...
Do you regret that you stopped working with Burton?
What's you dream home? still a private Island with only naked girls?
ever been shredding Vail, Colorado? did you like it/would you like 2?
KB: no i dont regret that, i liked burton but i really like it on nike and it fits me good! haha still a private island with only naked girls bro.. never been but i would like to:)

Anonymous said...
Do you know some great places in Stockholm where I can party all night long ? :)
KB: hmm, i havent been out to that many places in stockholm but i liked Laroy, Berns and Whiteroom!

Anonymous said...
which team would you like to be on, and which brand do you want to be sponsored by? you can't pick the ones you sponsored by now, and you can't pick the team you'r on now!
KB: haha thats a really hard one.. i would say the team i was on before, Burton!

Anonymous said...
I heard you been to japan this winter, how was shopping over there? Do they got some good "toy" stores over there?
KB: yepp, shopping over there was great! they had alot of good ''toy'' stores haha..

Robert Grigis said...
hello kev! which will be your snowboard set-up for the next season? have a good rehab;) bye
KB: hellllo mr, i guess i will be rockin the mod 156 board and boss bindings. nike 6.0 outerwear in xxl, oakley crowbar goggles and a hoppipolla beanie under that!

Anonymous said...
How many women have you slept with? I heard rumours its millions...
KB: millions???? got damn im a virgin!

Anonymous said...
Ska du åka till Emmabodafestivalen i år?
KB: nej det ska jag tyvärr inte.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    damn you took out my question babygirl....

  1. Anonymous said...:

    HAHA virgin?

  1. eada18 said...:

    Ur so cute Kev

  1. H said...:

    ' saknar du malung ? haha

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I think it's so hot that you're a virgin and man enough to admit it!


  1. eada18 said...:

    ^^^^^I agree, so hot <3

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi man love your blog, I would like to see you in Xgames dude; but i have a question in this video your grey and black hoodie what brand is it? :)

    Thats all dude! :D

  1. hey man, thanks:) its a nike 6.0 hoodie! go get one man

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks btw are you in Ulricehamn next season would be awesome to see you :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi Kev! how music you don´t listen?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    how old must a girl be 4 you ?

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