your girlfriend wants me in her mouth like I’m her dentist

Warrrup??? the blog is back in business again.. Ive been way to lazy to update this thing babes! Im in Switzerland right now chillin with my homeboy Tor. We are training everyday to get in good shape before this season starts. I still gotta do my knee surgery on the 28th so im gonna be out for a couple weeks. 
This week started off hard with shaving our selfs some sidecuts..
Tor and hes little doggie getting some milk for the family.

A little bike ride down to the gym..

63 kilos no biggie.. 
Getting ready for some heavy training!
beautiful girls dancing for me while im bikeing!
mr Lundström deserved 15 minutes in this massage chair today. 
Bad weather here in Switzerland today so we had to get tanned in this wonderful solarium. 


  1. Fanni Eriikka said...:

    ur frined has a cool hair !!!

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