new tattoo???

heyyyyy, cant sleep! i guess ive been sleeping way to much lately..  
Getting a new tattoo tomorrow? I have no idea what im gonna do yet but im for sure 
getting a new tattoo!!  Anyone awake now that can give me some advice? 

bored as hellll

Lil mama made some dope swedish breakfast for me.. 

A little girl from Germany sent this one to me today, thanks honey. 

original photo..

These two sister came by and said hello torrrray.
this beauty has her 19th birthday today!! happy birthday

and now im back in chillin mode, swollen kneeee. sidecut or die..

ice cream

Knock Knock!

Hello world, im back home chillin hard. My knee surgery today went good! They took away 50% of my miniscus and   also some cartilage on my knee-joint. Its gonna take me around 6 weeks before i can start snowboard again.  

I guess im gonna be in this position now for a couple of days..

Got this awesome necklace sent to me today from a norwegian girl. thanks babe!

skrillex on full volume 05:50 in the morning!

Hey blog, Im sitting here at the airport in Amsterdam just about to board my flight back home to sweden! Im boostin Skrillex on full volume right now just to stay awake..  havent slept anything yet so i look forward to get home and get some sleep. hollaaaa 

Midsummer times!

Hola, i spent midsummer in Zurich last friday.. It was just like a normal night out not like in Sweden at all. Dave had his birthday so we celebrated him at Fabians house before we went to the clubs.  Good times!!
mr birthday boy himself.



like a g6

Eating cake like a mofo


We made a sweet little sidecut on Luca aswell!

Then its black from here..

Woke up with a hangover deluxe

Tiger tiger

Then we jumped in the lake and it was not that warm!

Hombre chillin

Hello Switzerland

Im totally dead after all this training. Tor just left to he's fysio thing. Im here alone with hes little doggie and miss piggy. I think Zurich is going down tonight! do they have midsummer over here? i hope they celebrate it as hard as sweden do! 
 Good Morning 

Made a new blog header yesterday! 

Boosting Mac Miller - Donald Trump in my beats right now! got damn i love those headphones..

Here we have miss piggy, she's pretty mellow.

good times with the animals in tors crib..

Folgefonna - RK1 and friends

Banger edit from Folgefonna by Olav Stubberud! check it out

Øivind Andersen

Check out homeboy Öivind killing it in Trysil!

Isenseven "Kaleidoscope" Trailer 2011

Knock Knock!

your girlfriend wants me in her mouth like I’m her dentist

Warrrup??? the blog is back in business again.. Ive been way to lazy to update this thing babes! Im in Switzerland right now chillin with my homeboy Tor. We are training everyday to get in good shape before this season starts. I still gotta do my knee surgery on the 28th so im gonna be out for a couple weeks. 
This week started off hard with shaving our selfs some sidecuts..
Tor and hes little doggie getting some milk for the family.

A little bike ride down to the gym..

63 kilos no biggie.. 
Getting ready for some heavy training!
beautiful girls dancing for me while im bikeing!
mr Lundström deserved 15 minutes in this massage chair today. 
Bad weather here in Switzerland today so we had to get tanned in this wonderful solarium. 

Surgery fail

i was at the hospital today to do my surgery.. i was in my surgery clothes
and everything. chillin in my bed. getting ready for the sleep shit and
the doctor found a mosquito bite on my knee.. The risk of infection is
really high with mosquito bites so they had to cancell the surgery. Now i
gotta eat antibiotics for 2 weeks and then try again! this year has been
the worst year of my life.