Cheese corn sandwiches and 40s

This is Eartquake.. Absinthe, Whisky & gin! Probably the worst drink ever.
These 2 guys are in deep love

Öfi and Peter K hangin loose at the bar

Me and the Birthday boy fischi poppin Mojitos.

Happy birthday MR! sending it with a Barbara drink.

Looks like Öfi is in love with alot of guys

The volcano here in Niseko, looking good!

Alex sending it with his 7d in the sunset..

Random Japanese terrain.

Wrrooom bs air to the moon
My sweet little Cheese corn sandwich with extra butter.. Its a bomb!

The parking place where you start the hike from.

Self portrait again

Chillin pretty bad with my snowshoes

Kinger checkin out the terrain with the guide.

looots of snow here.

our nice little ride 


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