Cheese corn sandwiches and 40s

This is Eartquake.. Absinthe, Whisky & gin! Probably the worst drink ever.
These 2 guys are in deep love

Öfi and Peter K hangin loose at the bar

Me and the Birthday boy fischi poppin Mojitos.

Happy birthday MR! sending it with a Barbara drink.

Looks like Öfi is in love with alot of guys

The volcano here in Niseko, looking good!

Alex sending it with his 7d in the sunset..

Random Japanese terrain.

Wrrooom bs air to the moon
My sweet little Cheese corn sandwich with extra butter.. Its a bomb!

The parking place where you start the hike from.

Self portrait again

Chillin pretty bad with my snowshoes

Kinger checkin out the terrain with the guide.

looots of snow here.

our nice little ride 

Pow in Japan

Yo people.. Im in Niseko, Japan right now shooting pow with Isenseven & Pleasure Magazine.. Sorry for no updates before now. I bought a new camera yesterday so im all in on the blog again!
This is what i woke up to this morning! Its dumping over here.
The house we stay in.. So sick!
Fips and Peter King buying some drinks before we went up on the mountain.
Yepp, its alot of snow here..
How is Niseko's powder snow?
Öfi likes it!
Self portrait time.
shaping like a king.
teriyaki chicken burger went down today aswell.

Done for now.. Going up again tonight for some night shreddin!

Rome office

Yo, i just got home from the rome office! Nice to meet philip and the people again:) Got myself the next years Mod 158 board for the powder in japan.
Hard work work...
Had some lunch at a sick place.. Super cheap prices for supergood food!

Broski fixing my new bindings perfect! Thanks alot.


So yeah, finally i made it to munich.. Yesterday i was supposed to go to munich but i took the wrong train and ended up in bolzano, Italy. Stayed there over the night and took the train to munich this morning. Im gonna chill here until wednesday and then i fly to Japan with the Isenseven crew and pleasure magazine. Should be a pretty fun trip so im looking forward to that! :)
Now im skyping with this badboy while he is driving his car..

Kronplatz in Italy was amazing. Such a good park and i had some awesome riding with all the guys that was there. Got the feeling back on my board again so thats nice :)

Now its bedtime!


KB is back on the blog.

Hello you all, KB is back on the blog and the board.
So much fun to shred yesterday! this is what the jumps looks like, not baaaaad at all.

Ken Block monster party

Me and my bros on the way up to karlstad..
Drinking some wine in the hotel room before we went out.
The drifting legend Ken Block was there drinking Monster.
drinks drinks & drinks
Max feelin fresh

And went to sleep like this..

Thanks Kuno the man and monster energy for a awesome night!!

Karlstad tomorrow

Yoooo.. Just woke up here in my hometown! Me and my broskis are going to Karlstad tomorrow for a monster party. Looking forward to that! I will take alot of photos for u guys.


American Made Trailer

changed my crib a little

Me and my homeboy Jonatan changed my crib a little today.. Painted the walls white and stuff.
My clothes
My Nike shoes
Tv, sofa and chill.. The photo is taken from my bed.