high as weezy straight after my surgery.

back from the hospital with a bone from my hand moved to my arm, a metal plate & 4 screws. ill be back in a couple of weeks.. i also got some sick painkillers and stuff with me home. A morphine pump or whatever it is going straight in to my body making me feel fly.

down below you can see a little video i made straight after my surgery.. if you dont understand what im saying. i just wanna tell you that my arm will be good again haha!

ohh jesus

Yesterday was a pretty fun day! I went riding with the monster bros then we had a little demo for all the business people. That was some fun shit! After that we went down the mountain with small ski bikes. The monster girls were standing at the goal giving out monster drinks to everybody. Yes they were pretty damn hot if your wondering... I would give them 9 KB's out of 10! After that we went back to the hotel to take a shower before the dinner. Dinner was awesome and the drinks were awesome aswell. Then we headed over to the Monster party. Drinks went down like there was no tomorrow! Woke up this morning feeling like a vodka bottle. James the man drove me to the airport! Now im in London chilling waiting for my next flight still feeling like i just took that last shot.. I had some awesome couple of days in Chamonix. thanks!

Made it to france

After ‎2 delayed flights, 1 missed flight i made it to France after 13 hours of traveling..
The only problem now is that i dont have my boardbag... We have a little demo for the Monster business people at 3pm so i hope my bags make it in time!

France tomorrow.

Just made my hair blond.. no biggie!

Im going to france tomorrow for a monster conference.. Ludacris Lejkner is going there aswell so i look forward to see him again!
Ill be there for 2 days so its a pretty short trip. I will give you guys some updates while im there..

LG and a broken arm..

whats poppin?
Got this awesome LG phone a couple of days ago.. Thanks alot for that!
Im still back home in Sweden chilling.. I was supposed to take my cast of a week ago. We took of the cast and took some new x-rays and stuff and realized that my arm was fucked! WHY DIDNT THEY GIVE ME A SURGERY STRAIGHT AWAY AS I WANTED????? Im gonna get a surgery now on monday the 24th then ill get a new cast for another 4 weeks.. Damn, i couldnt be more bummed about this!
I was so stoked to start ride again...



Been riding all day with these homos!


Riding in uc-skicenter! Having so much fun baby


Got this awesome painting and 2 homemade t-shirts from a german girl! Thanks alot:)

Bikeing yo