Ludde and his gang in saas fee

You probably know who Ludde is.. Its that party swede on the photo down below.

Hintertux hotzone opening tomorrow..

Ive been chillin on this couch all day long.. thats not good! Should be at the gym right now doing some circuit training & yoga for beginners. KB's body is not used to this mayhem olympic training program.. Ill go to the gym tomorrow i promise.
Our fridge full of snus! I would rather marry a box of snus then a women.. use it for 30 min then take a new one. what more can you ask for?
So tomorrow is the Hintertux hotzone opening. Stoked to get some riding with all the boys. I guess Jamie Nicholls arrives here soon to.
Here is Jon Weaver himself(My personal fitness trainer) hes the man behind the good life blog click the link and check it out. Its dope as weezy i promise.
Jon flyin in that powder back in the 90s
He was a pro back in the days as you can se on the photo. Keepin it G!

Lil Wayne, my idol.. Damn I wish i was black! Check out this song with him and drake!!

Here is a doggie from the projects.. haha you have to watch it!!!!
stole it from weavers blog

BS10 FS10 Video

Kevin Bäckström two tricks from Kevin Bäckström on Vimeo.

KB's Basic Breakfast Lesson nr1

Its bad weather up at the glacier today and im a pretty good chef so i was thinking i could teach you guys how to do scrambled eggs..
This is probably the only things you need. Eggs, Milk, Butter, Salt & pepper. Mix everything together and put it in that thing thats down below.
Now its done and ready to go down!
I prefer eating my scrambled eggs while im reading

If you didnt get it go to: wikipedia

Hope you like it.

Nike 6.0 D-PAD session Screen shots

Spinning some cab right there
Hard landing
Tail grabing
A little method aswell
Heli view
Bs 540
Me and Ståle Sandbech doing something
BS540 again


Chilling and sending it at the gym

Oh yeah i got some bad muscles today at the Gym.. Sent it for 2 hours with this broski below
Still going all in for triathlon olympics 2012
Going fast like there was no tomorrow..
10km baby, something was wrong with the time tough.. should have been 16min instead of 26.
Now im chillin with the french badboy, to cool for the gym u know. He is more into that xbox thing and cigarettes.

Time for me to play some Skate 2.. No time for blogging!
I will post a video here tomorrow from shredding in Hintertux.

Keep it real!

Hintertux day 1

First day in Hintertux was not bad! The weather was not the best but it was cool to ride again. I just rode the small jumps all day to get the feeling back. I guess im staying here for a month or something..
This is the big line, 2 jumps and a corner. Out of the picture on the right side they have a medium line and a small line. This place is awesome!
Got some new dope outerwear from Nike 6.0. You can buy 6.0 outerwear and stuff at!
Took a photo of the sky with my phone.. looks pretty g

Im here shredding with this badboy from France. No snowboard boots in his car guys, its fresh like a ...... yeah you know.


Went out for some running today..

Mr Jon my team manager is training for the olympics triathlon 2012 baby.
He took me out for some running.. I keep it a little more G then im tough.
Just doing something thats good for your body i guess.
Kevin Bäckström ran 8,74 KM today. How did that happen? photos & Austria

Braaten, Peetu, Me and morgan keeping it dirty with these swiss gangsta girls.
Nike 6.0 Signing session
Alot of kids was there chillin
And watching the contests..
Ethan loverboy Morgan posing
Designed some sick Nike 6.0 ID shoes!
Kevin Weezy dropping in on my feets soon

Nike 6.0 ID stand.
Daddy DJ was there chilling aswell!
Rain rain rain almost the whole weekend
Now im at jons crib waiting for the good weather so i can start ride again:)
Watching snowboard movies all day, Gjermund Bråtens part in the Isenseven movie is bangin!! Ludacris got a part in there aswell keepin it G as allways. They had good parts you should check it out.
Also this one is off the hook, Aleksander Östreng got some banger tricks in there!
Bad weather in Austria