i got 2nd today.

Hey guys.
The finals in piststilen went down today! so much fun to shred when its slushy..
I got 2nd so im really happy about that:) My man Ludde got 3rd and Niklas Mattson won with a sick bs1080 dubbelcork!

Im gonna take a shower now and get ready for Looptroop rockers tonight..

On my way to Ramundberget

Hey guys. Im on my way to Ramundberget now for Piststilen.
I think its gonna be a sick week! Lots of fun riding & partys with my friends:)
Right now im chilling in my dads car while he is driving fast like a motherfucker..

got my own private driver

Hey there.
Me and my brother Andreas went do Jönköping to pick up my boots. I forgot them in Chris car yesterday. So Chris gave them back to me and then we went home again. Thanks bro for driving me.
Now im gonna catch up with a friend and chill littlebit.

Home sweet home

Hey there.
Im home now after a sick week in Flachauwinkl with all the Burton guys.
Had so much fun shredding there!!

Now im home chilling for one day before i go to Ramundberget for Piststilen. Straight after that im going to superpark in Mammoth.

Burton shoot

The internet here in Flachauwinkl is not working that good. So i cant post any pictures or videos. sorry for that. Im having a great time here with all the Burton guys:)


Burton shoot day 1

Yo! Im in Flachauwinkl right now chilling with my boys.
We had our first day of shooting today. We tried the kickers and the first one worked out good but the one below was littlebit weird but we are going to change it for tomorrow! So stoked to be here and ride with everybody:)

stole the photo from marco becuase i forgot my camera today.

Last day in LAAX

Hey there!
We are going to Flachauwinkl in 1 hour for the Burton team week.. I think its gonna be soo sick:)
Last night was the season end party here in Laax. We had so much fun hehe. And yeah i had the funniest days in my life shredding here!


Today was a sick day of riding again:) Bluebird and friends!
Tomorrow im going to Flachauwinkl for the Burton team week. Looking forward to that.

Now its time to eat some shrimp fried rice.


LAAX day3

Hey! I just got home from another day of shredding here in Laax..
It was pretty bad weather as you can see on the pics. I will upload a little movie later today:)

VIDEO - Riding in LAAX day 2

Messing around in laax 2 from ludwig Lejkner on Vimeo.

VIDEO - Machocreme Ludde

VIDEO - spring riding in LAAX

Messing around in laax.. from ludwig Lejkner on Vimeo.


VIDEO - Homeboy Dancing in Zurich!!

Video - Ludde Lejkner crash bs 1080


Me and ludde chilling in Zurich!
Ludde and Roope eatingsome breakfast
Nils the man and YoYo taking some photos becuase he popped out hes shoulder the other day..
I have a pretty bad goggle tan right now......
View over Avoriaz:)

I will post a video tomorrow just so you know. later


Hey there.
Im chilling in Zurich with Ludde right now! We are staying here for one more night before we go to LAAX for the springsession.. The Burton shoot in Avoriaz was sick, think we got some good shots so im stoked. Alot of pictures will come up tonight-

Avoriaz, france!

Hey guys.
Im now in Avoriaz, France on a Burton shoot! We are building som sick stuff so i hope it works out good. Today its really bad weather so i hope its better tomorrow so we can shoot:) We dont have any internet in our appartment so now im on a internet cafe..

VIDEO - Spring battle 2010

In the end of the video you can see my run.. My bs 10 is so ugly!!!! sorry for that


Had a pretty sick day today. Me, Ludde, Tor & Kike was shredding the stash park all day! So much fun:) Now we gonna grab something to eat then some chilling!

A video will come up soon! to slow internet here to upload it..

Spring battle 2010


Hey again.
Im now home chilling in the Appartment. I had lots of fun today! In the morning we had like 2 runs in the practice I did 1 straight air and 1 fs 3 haha. Then it was on and the speed was good.

I did FS1080 to BS720 on my first run.. Then Ludde dropped in after me trowing down a crazy BS 1260 overshooting the jump headbanging the landing. So for the second run i decided to step up my game. Fs 1080 on the first kicker then into a BS1o80 on the second kicker stomped it so i was stoked. Then I saw some other people doing 1080s aswell so i decided to go for fs1080 to bs1260 on my third run. I stomped my fs1080 then i went in to the second kicker.. going of the take of throwing my arms so it felt like my shoulders popped out haha.. Going in to some weird cork landing straight on my ass on a pure ice landing.. I thougt I just shit in my pants for a few minutes but I was all good hehe.

Then we had some sick laps in the railpark before the price giving. I was sitting there at the pricegiving and they started out with nr8 then 7,6,5,4,3,2 then i was like fuuuuck.. Was my run really that bad or did i win??? I was so fucking nervous then they said my name and i got so stoked! My first TTR win so im really happy:)

1st place springbattle

Yo guys!
The springbattle final went down today:) I was having so much fun riding..
I landed my run that i wanted to do, I did FS1080 to BS1080. I came 1st so im really happy:)
My first TTR win hehe.

Finals moved to tomorrow

Came some new fresh snow over the night..
Chilling in the chairlift.
The finals didnt go down today. Its moved to tomorrow. Looking forward to that:)

Flachauwinkl 2

Angry face
Me chilling in the shuttle
Angry face
The first jump in the course.
Angry face
Zebbe drinking some coke..
Springbattle finals starts tomorrow! Stoked on that:)