photos from london..

Jamie, Jerry & me signing some posters.
Dont know whats going on right here.. looks like im stoked!
Silje had a soup instead of some awesome sushi.
James the man
Ståle Sandbech
People watching the contest
Tor the dog
Walking around in London
Riders lounge hang
Dubstep party!!
Me cruisin without gloves in hintertux.
happy face
Hotel room hang
Wall, me, shadow..

Pringles was poppin everyday
Johny D with hes nice parents
Jerry G checking out some good looking girls..
Checking out the fisheye
the Hotel lobby where we stayed the first 2 nights..

Dont know where this is but ive seen it before so i had to take a photo of it


  1. fbbb said...:

    Yo Kevin,
    Hope u had a sick stay in London man. The last pic is Piccadilly Circus btw ;)

    Take care man! Peace...

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