My days in Sweden

Im back in Sweden now.. My brother picked me up at the airport yesterday then we hanged out for a while. After that i watched some movies with my friends. Today has been a pretty mellow day, went for some shopping with my mom earlier.. Now im just geeking in front of my mac sippin on some monster juice. Gonna chill for 2 days now then head to stockholm for some mayhem days.
This is my schedual for the weekend in Stockholm..

Going there on thursday morning for a interview with Kingsize magazine:
Should be fun to do that thing.. I guess im gonna talk about the music i like (Lil Wayne) and stuff!

After that i gotta do a Interview with Piraja:
If your in a swedish school you might have this magazine there..

Then meet up with the swedish national team and SVT a swedish TV channel for some poledancing haha

Then on friday 8am i gotta be at Vakna Med The Voice on kanal 5.
If you live in Sweden and are awake at 8am on friday put on kanal 5 and check it out.

Now i just had a Interview with Stockholm City:
Its a free newspaper in Stockholm, my interview will be out on thursday so get a Stockholm City newspaper and read my little interview.

Its time for Winterjam on Saturday at Stockholm Stadion, come there and watch us snowboarders ride. Cant wait to go there!



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