2 days of big trouble..

i dont really know where to start.. I did the competition in London, i landed my trick but my hands touched the landing so i got a low score. No finals for me! My homeboy Ståle got 2nd soo stoked for him :) grilo got 1st and seppe smiths 3rd.

After that i went to a Monster dinner where we had some awesome sushi and alot of sake.. Thanks alot for that! Got pretty wasted at the sushi place and then i went to the party. Got more wasted and went back to the hotel with mr Tor Lundström. Called the hotel reception to wake me up at 4:30 and get me a cab.

They never woke me up.. Woke up at 8:30 something and i felt pretty good, waking up before they called me and stuff. Then i realized that i had missed my flight to Italy 7:30 in the morning. I had to get to Italy becuase of a contest calld Stomp it. The finals started at 17:00 so i had to be there at that time.

There was only one thing to do. I calld my best friends dad and asked him if he could give me a ride in his private plane from London to Modena, Italy. Hes dad is the sickest dad on the planet so he told me to get into a cab and go to the airport. Came to the airport and there he was, the man himself. We jumped into hes plane and flyed away towards Italy.. We almost made it before a big storm came in so we had to emergency land in Nice, France. I almost made it to the contest haha.
Thumb up in the plane!
This morning i woke up at 6, droped in to hes plane again and went to Can, France. Stayed there for a little time to get some fuel for the plane before he flyed me over to Innsbruck, Austria haha. So now im back here in Mayrhofen chilling. Thank you verry much for all the help daddy2. You are the man!

Thats not all of it. Jon had my computer in Italy, and without my computer i cant charge my phone. So i had no phone, no computer and no keys to the appartment.. I had to wait the whole day for the guys to get home. Stoked i didnt need to sleep outside tonight!
London - Modena...
Ståle my man got lots of girls in london!

Kristoffer and the gang at the sushi place.
Jossi Wells got a fisheye photo!
Nike 6.0 signing session

My english homeboys chilling


  1. Veronica said...:

    Fan vilken upplevelse i alla fall! Inte ofta man åker privatplan i sista sekund ;)

    Tråkigt att du missade tävlingen!

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