Windy, Gym & Yoga

Trying to hit some jumps but it was waaaay to windy today.. says hello
Looked good in the morning
Botner the club banger himself is here now aswell
Gym today was pretty dope but I was a little to tierd to go all in. We had yoga for 1 hour aswell.. Yoga is probably the most boring and most gay thing in the world. Not really my style but its good for you & our yoga trainer is my perfect girl so i might go there again.. shes 40 years old(looks like 20) she can probably wash my clothes, make me dinner, brush my teeth & just be there whenever i need her..
after yoga we did some things on these red balls. Its not that easy i have to say..
Mr Weaver tierd after 1 hour yoga.
Mr loverboy going fast

Oh yeah keepin it real straight out of Finland. Peetus brother Petja sending it!


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