Manchester United, Nike Town, Indoor snowboarding...

Airplane mode
Watching manchester united with the nike 6.0 team.
Had a nice 3 meal course and some drinks in the executive lounge before the game.
Lots of people watching. manchester united won with 3-2
The day after that i was tierd as hell.. we went to Halifax to check out jamies mountain haha.. Its plastic baby, i dont know how he can ride that shit..
We went to visit his home aswell..
After that we went to London and i had some room service
Before we went to the nike town.. I went in to the running lab to check out if my feet was good and what shoes i needed. i had pretty good feet. Got some shoes and some running stuff! thanks Nike:)
Me chilling on the action floor.. It opens on sunday so be there!
Jerry was all over the place.
Red bus
I also went indoor snowboarding!


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