Hintertux opening day 1

Bad weather today again.. fuck that! i want some sun so i can ride those beautiful kickers :)
Got this new Nike boots today. Fits perfect like that thing in that thing..
And they look pretty dope to! I might just walk around in these boots the whole winter.
Jamie Nicholls is here cruising now aswell. Had to learn him how to tight his boots today..

Me and mr Gerome cruisin in the clouds. Im proud of him, he only smoked 12 cigarretes yesterday so you guys know.
Yeah the weather could not be worse then this..
On the way down it looked a little better.
Met this swedish beauty on the way down! Havent seen Kalle in such a long time so it was nice to see him again.
Rain, rain, rain whats up with that?
It takes 20 minutes to get up to the glacier and 20 minutes to get down..

Now its time for some x-box then the gym with Jamie girlfriend material Nicholls.


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