Manchester United, Nike Town, Indoor snowboarding...

Airplane mode
Watching manchester united with the nike 6.0 team.
Had a nice 3 meal course and some drinks in the executive lounge before the game.
Lots of people watching. manchester united won with 3-2
The day after that i was tierd as hell.. we went to Halifax to check out jamies mountain haha.. Its plastic baby, i dont know how he can ride that shit..
We went to visit his home aswell..
After that we went to London and i had some room service
Before we went to the nike town.. I went in to the running lab to check out if my feet was good and what shoes i needed. i had pretty good feet. Got some shoes and some running stuff! thanks Nike:)
Me chilling on the action floor.. It opens on sunday so be there!
Jerry was all over the place.
Red bus
I also went indoor snowboarding!

Longer update tonight

The last couple of days have been awesome! Im going to Nike town now and then we gonna ride some indoor slope. I will post a longer update tonight!

Nike 6.0 D-pad session FULL VIDEO

stubai opening

The opening party went down that saturday night.. There was a big swimming pool in that place aswell.
halldor chillin
Kareem was there partying aswell!

Chilling in the gondola..

The park. photos from

If you havent seen my online videopart yet check it out here:

My first cover!

Check out my online videopart 2010

2 runs in hintertux..

Mr Ståle Sandbech

Ståle is in town right now. Stoked to have him here and ride with him!
add this little playah on Facebook.. Ståle Sandbech.

Hoppipolla Headwear

Hoppipolla make the sickest headwear ever! check out on their website where you can buy one.. Im stoked to be a part of the team.

Minishred video from today

Hey, it was so busy up at the glacier today.. You had to wait for ages to get up in the lift so i was shredding the medium jumps. im also trying to learn swbs, didnt work out that good today.. Check it out

Im now on Nike 6.0 outerwear

Photo: Jonathan Weaver
Im now on Nike 6.0 Outerwear. Stoked to ride in their clothes and to be a part of their banger team! Click here to check out my nike 6.0 profile.Photo: Frode Sandbech

BBQ at JWs

Me and broski watching Menace II Society Theatrical
Movember dropping in soon.. Jon is ready for that!
We had a little BBQ yesterday at JWs place.
Oh that looks so good, i wish i brought some of that with me home yesterday.
Here we got JW again with MR Peetu.
Keepin it real with my homeboys
Gerome the frenchie getting his ''im not a badboy'' smile on
Botner showed up yesterday. Dont you think his cute in that hat? profile

Sunny, slushy, good times!

Today was a sick day! Perfect weather and the jumps was good aswell :) Ive been hitting the kickers all day so now i kind of got the feeling back on the board.
Me and Botner flying on the t-bar
My bro Ethan crashed today on his last run of the day on a double bs rodeo.. I think he broke his collarbone.
Hope you get well soon broski!!
Check out that banger photo..

Check out my profile on snowstoked!

New sponsors

Im now on Rome Snowboards! Really stoked to ride on their boards and be a part of their team.. Happy to ride for them.

Im now also gonna get goggles from Oakley. Ive always wanted to have Oakley goggles since i was a kid. Happy about that to!


Bluebird baby

Bluebird today!! Was so stoked to ride in good weather :) Tried the jumps and stuff so that was cool.. The only bad thing was that i got all dizzy and white in my face after 3 runs so i had to go down:/ I will remember to bring water tomorrow!
I just made some food! Yes im a good chef girls.
The final result. Some kind of meat with potato something.
My mom sent me this photo.. As you know i started to ride for Monster yesterday and today they came with some energy drinks to my home! stoked on that.. Thanks Hampuz and Johanna :) For you guys that doesnt know about this crazy guy Hampuz check out his website here

Hintertux opening partypics

ive been taking it easy all day so got nothing to update.. Here is some pics from the Opening party..
Peter König with his homeboy!
Chilling with my hat and the guys
Waaay to many people in that little place.
Blond girls likes the playboy man grilo

Kalle o getting wasted