Hintertux hotzone opening tomorrow..

Ive been chillin on this couch all day long.. thats not good! Should be at the gym right now doing some circuit training & yoga for beginners. KB's body is not used to this mayhem olympic training program.. Ill go to the gym tomorrow i promise.
Our fridge full of snus! I would rather marry a box of snus then a women.. use it for 30 min then take a new one. what more can you ask for?
So tomorrow is the Hintertux hotzone opening. Stoked to get some riding with all the boys. I guess Jamie Nicholls arrives here soon to.
Here is Jon Weaver himself(My personal fitness trainer) hes the man behind the good life blog click the link and check it out. Its dope as weezy i promise.
Jon flyin in that powder back in the 90s
He was a pro back in the days as you can se on the photo. Keepin it G!

Lil Wayne, my idol.. Damn I wish i was black! Check out this song with him and drake!!

Here is a doggie from the projects.. haha you have to watch it!!!!
stole it from weavers blog


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