photos & Austria

Braaten, Peetu, Me and morgan keeping it dirty with these swiss gangsta girls.
Nike 6.0 Signing session
Alot of kids was there chillin
And watching the contests..
Ethan loverboy Morgan posing
Designed some sick Nike 6.0 ID shoes!
Kevin Weezy dropping in on my feets soon

Nike 6.0 ID stand.
Daddy DJ was there chilling aswell!
Rain rain rain almost the whole weekend
Now im at jons crib waiting for the good weather so i can start ride again:)
Watching snowboard movies all day, Gjermund Bråtens part in the Isenseven movie is bangin!! Ludacris got a part in there aswell keepin it G as allways. They had good parts you should check it out.
Also this one is off the hook, Aleksander Östreng got some banger tricks in there!
Bad weather in Austria


  1. jigga what said...:

    funny shit as always up in the backstrom world

  1. Grymt stolt over dig Kevin!!

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