Ante up 14th place

Hey.. The Ante up contest went down today.
I landed the best fs 10 ive ever done but that was not enough.
6 people from each heat (2 heats) went to the finals. I got 8th so i was two spots out from the finals. In ended up on 14th place, im stoked on today just that i was a little pissed that i didnt make it to the finals..

Gjermund killed it today!!! He did the sickest bs 12 dubble cork ive ever seen:) he got 4th but he should have been 1st or second.
Marc mcmorris and seb toots killed it aswell!

Its my first time on the top10 ranking on TTR. Im on 6th place right now so i hope i can keep it in the top 10 box untill the season is over..



  1. Isak Gidlund said...:

    top tio mannen! grattis (;

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