Chillin day in Norway

Hey.. Im chilling pretty bad right now. Got so much pain in my back after the hip session yesterday. Heres a photo of Frode and his assistant with me trying out the hip in the background. Frode got some really good photos yesterday in the sunset!! Check out his blog here:



Hitting the hip with heli right behind
The sunset here is amazing!
Some chilling before the sunset shoot.
When the sun went down it was time to go home..

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Nike 6.0 D-PAD session

Hey there..
Im in Folgefonna right now for the D-PAD session. Ive been here for a couple of days and its so much fun!


Hey, in Geneva right now. Flying home tomorrow..
Me and Peetu are chilling at the hotel & hope that we can fly home tomorrow! The ash cloud is comming back to europe again. The nike 6.0 teamweek is over and it was so much fun.. not that much riding but we got alot of other stuff done. Now im gonna be home for a week then im going to folgefonna for the d-pad session:) stoked!

Nike ID shoes

Hey, im still at the Nike shoot.. its been bad weather for the last couple of days!
But im stoked to hang out with all the guys here. Yesterday i got some sick Nike 6.0 ID shoes. So stoked on them:)

Nike 6.0 shoot!

I finally made it to Les Diableret.. It was a hell of a trip to get here but now im stoked:)

Here is the new 6.0 team manager!! Jonatan Weaver, supercool guy:)

San francisco

Hey. This is the limo me and ludde rolled in to Mammoth with. We went back to Reno yesterday and we took the same limo back haha.. No im just joking.. Tim the Burton filmer drove me to Reno, thanks alot bro!! right now im in San fransisco chilling waiting for my flight to Frankfurt.. I dont know if i get all the way to geneva from Frankfurt becuase of that stupid vulcano.... But we will see.

I dont have fast internet here so i cant post the video, sorry for that!


The biggest jump here in Superpark.. around 35-40 meters.
Chilling in the chairlift!
Another gapjump and a corner on the side. Around 25 meters..
Yeah, all the jumps here in Superpark are sooo big! Me & Ludde tried some of them yesterday. So good airtime hehe. I have a little cold right now so i was chilling the whole day!
hope i feel better tomorrow:)

Limousine from Reno to Mammoth!

yo.. Me and Ludde just arrived in Mammoth!
When we woke up this morning we had some sick breakfast in the Casino.
Then we went to the airport to se if there was any busses going to Mammoth.. The season is almost over so there was no busses. So we had some options on shuttles and stuff but we took a Limo haha.. It was kind of expensive but it was worth it for sure!! Now we are here in Mammoth and Superpark starts tomorrow:) Really stoked to be here. Video is comming up soon..

san francisco baby

Yo, Me, Ludde & Niklas are chillin in san francisco right now..Suuuuper tierd!
Waiting for our flight to Reno.. Peace


Hey.. Im home in Ulricehamn now chilling bigtime! Niklas is with me here aswell becuase we are going to USA tomorrow morning. Last night was sick! Looptroop rockers went down, everything went down.. Yeah it was pretty awesome! Thanks for a sick week:) Peace