Spring battle 2010


Hey again.
Im now home chilling in the Appartment. I had lots of fun today! In the morning we had like 2 runs in the practice I did 1 straight air and 1 fs 3 haha. Then it was on and the speed was good.

I did FS1080 to BS720 on my first run.. Then Ludde dropped in after me trowing down a crazy BS 1260 overshooting the jump headbanging the landing. So for the second run i decided to step up my game. Fs 1080 on the first kicker then into a BS1o80 on the second kicker stomped it so i was stoked. Then I saw some other people doing 1080s aswell so i decided to go for fs1080 to bs1260 on my third run. I stomped my fs1080 then i went in to the second kicker.. going of the take of throwing my arms so it felt like my shoulders popped out haha.. Going in to some weird cork landing straight on my ass on a pure ice landing.. I thougt I just shit in my pants for a few minutes but I was all good hehe.

Then we had some sick laps in the railpark before the price giving. I was sitting there at the pricegiving and they started out with nr8 then 7,6,5,4,3,2 then i was like fuuuuck.. Was my run really that bad or did i win??? I was so fucking nervous then they said my name and i got so stoked! My first TTR win so im really happy:)


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