Aspen open!

We had the qualification today for the Aspen open..
First practice run, i went first and then joachim after. The kickers were bumpy as hell and i got shot out on all of the kickers. So scary!! Joachim aswell.. On the first kicker he go shot out and landed on hes back.. He broke his upper arm and tailbone:( he had sooo much pain!

I decided to not do the competition becuase i didnt feel it at all. I wanna ride all season and not get hurt on some shitty jumps.
So i stayed with Joachim at the hospital the whole day. I hope he gets better soon!
I hate when its big jumps and the takeoffs are shitty..

Well now im gonna sleep..


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Jag håller tummarna för Dej

    Mvh. Isac i Ulricehamn

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