Yo. Yesterday was a sick day. The Riverjump contest went down.. I crashed pretty hard yester day, I hit my head and back really bad so i culdnt ride anymore. I just remember that i landed on the knuckle and cut my heel edge then standing talking to my friend Tor.. But the thing was that i landed my trick and then i cut my heeledge in the transition of the landing. That was the first time i hit my head really bad. I had my helmet on and im happy about that. I got 22nd or something yesterday..

Im now on 13th position on the TTR ranking so im stoked on that.. I need 1 or 2 more good results to move to the TTR top 10.

My bro Gjermund Braaten got 2nd in both slopestyle and big air!! He is the man!

Now im chilling in the hotel lobby with alot of pain in my back and neck..


We had the Riverjump slopestyle finals today!
My best run looked liked this Cab 9, Fs 10 to Bs10..
Landed everything perfect just that i only hold my grab 720 on the bs 10..
Was really stoked on my run but the judges didnt like me today.
I ended up on 10th position.. Not so stoked about that.

Congrats to Eric, Gjermund & Roope.. Those guys killed it!

Burton european open.

Im at Chicago airport right now! Im flying to Zurich tonight.. Here is a little video from Burton european open.

Video comming soon!


Today was one of the better days in Breck:) Had som much fun riding.
In the morning it was so much powder in the landings and the takeoffs was shaped perfect..
The big line opend little late today so i had som fun runs there aswell before the weather went shitty.
Im going to denver at 4 tonight becuase i have to go to Livigno for Riverjump. So stoked on that!
There is no shuttles leaving that early in the morning so my friend Possum will drop me off! That girl is the shit..
Now i have to pack my bags so im ready to leave tonight.
Have a nice day!

Snowing in Breck..

Still snowing in Breck but its much fun to ride anyways:)
Hope its better tomorrow so we can ride the big park!
Now i have to eat something. I will upload photos later today..


Im still in Breck! Its so much fun here.
it wassnt that good weather today but it was fun to shred.
I will upload a video tomorrow.


Hey there! I just watched the halpipe finals.. The level of snowboarding is so high now..
Like 4years ago when Shaun won I thought that run was the shit.. Like now 4 years later hi did the sickest run ever!!
What is it gonna be like at the next olympics?? Now I'm gonna sleep so I can shred in Breck tomorrow:) later


Hey guys..
I had my first day riding in Breck today!
Its so sick here, i wanna move here when i get older.
Best jumps and rails ever!!


Im in breck right now.. Im gonna stay here until the 21st then im going to Italy for the Riverjump contest:)

Aspen open!

We had the qualification today for the Aspen open..
First practice run, i went first and then joachim after. The kickers were bumpy as hell and i got shot out on all of the kickers. So scary!! Joachim aswell.. On the first kicker he go shot out and landed on hes back.. He broke his upper arm and tailbone:( he had sooo much pain!

I decided to not do the competition becuase i didnt feel it at all. I wanna ride all season and not get hurt on some shitty jumps.
So i stayed with Joachim at the hospital the whole day. I hope he gets better soon!
I hate when its big jumps and the takeoffs are shitty..

Well now im gonna sleep..

Canadian open finals - Aspen open

Canadian open finals. The weather was really bad so it was super hard
to see anything and the speed was kind of hard aswell.

I ended up at 5th so im happy..

Right now im in Aspen for the Aspen open.
We have training tomorrow so im looking forward to that!

Canadian open.


We had the Canadian open Semi finals today. Went okey for me, ended up at 9th so im in for the finals on sunday.
My back is really fucked up so im gonna go and get some massage so i can ride on sunday!

Im looking forward to the finals:)



Untitled from Sondre Tiller on Vimeo.

COP, Calgary.


Now im staying at a neew hotel with good internet so now i can make some new posts..
Today we had Halfpipe practice. I did some runs in the pipe and it was so much fun. After that i was crusing the small park with my scandinavian homies.

Tomorrow its slopestyle practice and im looking forward to that.
The course looks like this.
Snowbox to downbox, Dublekink rail, hitching post, Down rail, Normal jump, Channelgap jump & another channel gap jump.

It looks pretty good but i think its gonna be hard to get speed for the last kicker..
Now im gonna go and eat something. later