Helgasons edit from china..

Got a awesome christmas gift from beats by dre

Thanks alot!!

Been shredding all day

Air & Style Innsbruck

Sponsor: Nike 6.0
Homebase: Ulricehamn
Birthday: Jul/16/1992
Stance: Regular

That Kevin’s dad drives a snow cat gets one’s fantasies going: does he just make a little park for his son when he asks? And was he planning for his son to take over the snowboarding world when he put him on a board when he was only 3 ½ years old? Even if, that would be totally cool with us as Backström Junior is already being treated as the next Mikkel Bang. Unfortunately he broke his arm at the Air&Style in Beijing during training but we hold our thumbs for him at the Rookie Challenge in Innsbruck and wish him as much luck as he had at the Spring Battle 2010 in Flachauwinkel. Because that one he won.

Gym all day everyday

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Nike 6.0 China Air&Style Trip 2010

Nike 6.0 China Air&Style Trip 2010 from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.


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At the gym right now! Need to get some muscles baby


Its done!


Hey, getting a tattoo right now.. The lines are done so its time for the shadows and stuff! Peace

Monster energy

Monster came by my crib With alot of energy drinks. Thanks alot for that!:)

My brothers birthday today!

Happy birthday bro!


kingsize interview


On the way to gothenburg!

In the car right now with grandpa.. Today im gonna do some more x-rays and stuff with my arm!

back on the blog..

hey there.. im back on the blog again.
i were in china last week and broke my right arm. i have a superhard time to write with the left one.. Last sunday i won the athlete of the year in my hometown Ulricehamn. Stoked on that. Tomorrow im off to gothenburg to check out my arm.. peace

@Gothenburg airport

damn girl, havent been this tierd in a while.. cant wait to sleep on the plane to London!

China tomorrow

Just packed my boardbag so im ready for china tomorrow morning. Staying there until the 7th of december.
The setup is done & it looks pretty damn good!

My New Crib

Welcome to my crib bitches.
To the left..
Bed and sofa.
This is my commandcenter!

My closet

Sorry for no updates..

Sorry for no updates! Got home at 4am tonight with the bus, woke up now 15:00, Still supertierd. Now its time to repack my bags becuase i go to china tomorrow morning! Looking forward to that:)
This is what the jump looks like over there!

Ludde sending it

Method TV #36 - Fresh Meat

Sweet rumble qualification!

Just woke up! chillin pretty damn good right now.. Qualification starts at 16:00.

Gjermund Bråten hitting the jump with a bs12..
photo: Olav Stubberud


halla damer, Öivind her! Er på Radisson SAS blue på Trysil sammen med Kevin og hans Entourage! Gutta skal kjöre Sweet Rumble i helga, det blir helt sykt! Jeg heier på Kevin!
Nå skal vi på laaven, det feteste utestedet i Trysil www.laaven1790.no Vi skal feste til sola står opp!

Hilsen Öivind Andersen, ring meg!!

sending it hard tonight

No more bloging today.. time to send it hard with my norwegian broskis!

Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Tour - Last Call

Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Tour - Last Call from Nike 6.0 on Vimeo.

Finally in Trysil

Me and my lovely Grandpa and Grandma! Thanks for the ride to Trysil :)
Just checked in at the SAS Radisson hotel here in Trysil. Its pretty ballin i gotta say.. Thats my bed where the magic happens!

Tor is not happy that nobody wanted to go on a date with him yesterday..

Gonna go out and ride now. I will take some photos and stuff so u guys can see what the jump looks like..


We are now on the way to Trysil! Practise starts at 5pm so i hope we make it in time :)

Thats whats going down right now!

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Norway tomorrow morning

Me and this Swedish badboy Tor Lundström (add him on facebook to get a date with him) are going to trysil tomorrow morning! Saw some photos from the jump today and it looks so good.. My friendly grandma and grandpa will drive us there!

If you havent seen my friend ellens fashion blog, check it out here!

Tor Lundström

Is in Ulricehamn right now chilling at My place! If your from Ulricehamn and down for a date with him just hit me up.. Hes down for some serious makeout!! Yo

New sponsor..

Yepp thats my new sponsor! Beats by dr. dre. Super stoked to ride for them as they make the best headphones in the world and the coolest once aswell. Click on the photo to check out their website!

Gothenburg railbattle presented by Monster

Check out the footage from this swedish railcontest in gothenburg!

Gothenburg Rail Battle the movie from Rip Curl Sweden on Vimeo.


Me and grandpa AKA old money Bäckström on the way to the CONSULATE-GENERAL OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA IN GOTHENBURG. What a stupid name btw...
A little crash went down this morning on the way to gothenburg
Had to take a little photo for my visa
Filled out some papers so now im allowed to go to china. Ive been watching videos like this all day.. Ni Hao Ma bitches?

Early morning again....

Just woke up, read my little interview in Ulricehamns newspaper. I really hate to wake up early like this, now im off to gothenburg to try and get a visa for china! Later

My crash at Stockholm Winterjam

My headbanger crash at Winterjam 2010 from Kevin Bäckström on Vimeo.

Norway for Sweet Rumble then China for Air & Style

Yo niggas, Im going to Trysil on thursday morning for the sweet rumble contest! happy about that. The jump looks pretty good to, click on the photo for more info about the contest.

After that i go to Beijing in China for Air & Style. Superstoked about that!

A weekend in Kevin Bäckströms life

A weekend in Kevin Bäckströms life from Andreas Nilsson on Vimeo.

A weekend in my life

A weekend in My life is almost done! Check back here later today..


Im gonna film for Isenseven this year! Super stoked on that :)
Check out there website here.

My best run from Winterjam - VIDEO

Kevin Bäckström - my best run at Winterjam from Kevin Bäckström on Vimeo.

Winterjam finals replay!

Click on the photo to watch the replay!