Im in Innsbruck now after a sick week in Saalfelden&Kaprun with the Nike 6.0 people.

The first day i was there we went up to the glacier to film some kickers and stuff for the Nike 6.0 presentation. It was alot of wind up there but we had alot of fun! Then the other days we were just riding and having fun and then in the evening we had dinner with all the people. They had a sales meeting there so it was like 150 people walking around in Nike shoes hehe.  Thomas Harstad from Norway was also there. He works for 6.0 now so thats cool! I also got my first pair of shoes from them, really stoked. Thanks Koen!
I cant post the video here now but i will do it when i can! Here is some screen shots you can look at.    

Jesse the coolest kid ever!!

It was a small jump but we had so much fun.

Chilling in the sun!

Some fast spinning going on,

And some stylish spins aswell.

Laaater brothers


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