Junkfest day 1

Im in Trollhättan right now, chilling bigtime with anders (Junkyard team manager/Cashwear founder)..
Earlier today we were out riding gidlunds and åhlunds cars.. Im not a big fan of cars but their cars are awesome haha..

All the oldboys went to the club but im chilling at the crib with anders!

Tomorrow we gonna have a photoshoot for the new Junkyard site.. I will post more updates tomorrow with pictures and stuff! Later

Im on a buss..

Hey there!
Im now on a buss to Trollhättan.. Ill be there 15 something i think. Im really looking forward to get there.

On saturday they will have skateboard, snowboard compitition.. I am really nervous becuase I dont like rails that much and its a railjam.

lm a bad blogger!

2 days ago I went to Mora with Zebastian, Nicklas, Halldor and Adam..
I bought some things for my Shower and Halldor bought an xbox 360..
After that we went to McDonalds to get some food. It was a Animal shop next to mcd so Adam and Halldor bought a Goldfish!! I dont know if its gonna survive but i made a fresh home for it.

Yesterday I was chilling Bigtime! I was running 5km aswell..

Tomorrow Im going to Junkfest. I know its gonna be a sick event so you should come. http://www.Junkyard.se


Good Morning.

Good Morning!
I woke up today and the sun was shining, I havent seen it for a couple of days now..
In 30 minutes i have to go to school and do some training. I have no lessons today and thats sick:)
I really like everything here, all the trainers, teachers are so good..
Now i have to run! Later

video #6 Jonte Nilsson har inget bra minne altså (The Video is in Swedish)

Jonte Nilsson har inte världens bästa minne här altså hehe..
För er som vill veta vad som hände..
Vi va i Mammoth på Superkark 13. Jonte körde på ett gap hopp som va helt cp.. landa man på nollen flög man ut för hela landningen och det gjorde han. Landa på nollen sen flög över landningen och landa på huvudet. Inte kul för han där altså men allt gick bra tillslut.

Video #5 My new appartment

Yesterday i moved in to my new appartment.
Its really small but i like it alot! Now its good size for cleaning haha.
here is a little movie so you can see what it looks like.


Hello there!
Im sitting in my dads car now on the way up to Malung..
I really hope that im gonna like it up there:) I guess i will.
There is almost no more battery on my computer now so.
Yeahh that sucks.. Well i will take som photos of my new appartment when i get there!

Sunny morning!

Today i woke up becuase of some street music thing, not good!
But one thing is good and its sunny today. I think im gonna go down to our small beach and tan for some hours. After that i have to go to the gym and after that i have to run..
Its only 2 days left now before o move to Malung. Im stoked on that!


Back on Mac yeeah!

Back on Mac yeaaah!
Now i got my Mac back, my loader burned up some weeks ago.. not good but now its back again stoked:)

This evening i playd some soccer with my friends, it was really fun!! After that we went to one of the pizzerias in town and i bought a kebab in bred. It was sooo good..
later homies

Babysitter Kev!

Hi there!
I was babysitter for my first time today.. It was sick actually, alot of fun! Hes name is Zevin almost same name as me.. It was my sisters baby, he is dope!
Well, after that i went to the gym for an hour with my friend Patrik..
Now its raining as allways so i dont think im gonna run today:/ Or maybe later in the evening!

Chilling day

download Surdesoi here!!

Tonight i sleept at my brothers place becuase he was woking all night!
I woke up 9 this morning when i came home, sweet to wake up so early actually!
Then i made some fresh bacon & eggs for us while we were watching King Kong..
That movie was so sick. I loved it:D

Back in the days!


I found an old movie from when i was around 13! haha i also found some pictures:)

I havent done so much today, in the morning i woke up becuase it was a band outside my window playing some song... not so good songs actually.. 
First when i went out o the bed i  had so much pain in my legs.. I was out running yesterday and i took  the wrong track so i was running  10 kilometers insted of 5.. That was kind og stupid!
After breakfast i went swimming for some hours. I love that!:D 
Now im just chillin with my friend Patrik watching some movies.. 

Video #4 - Cab 360 bonk

Cab 360 bonk

Summer is almost over..

Summer is almost over now! I had a sick summer with alot of snowriding and then som chillin at home:)

Yeahpp one more thing.. Im moving to Malung on sunday. I have not been thinking about that so much before now. I know its gonna be good in Malung but i will for sure miss all my friends back in Norway..
One of them is Tor Lundström!! I allredy miss him alot.. We lived together in a appartment there. He was like a brother for me! But im gonna go to Geilo and visit them this winter forsure..

Well today i have to do some workout and some running! Im more stoked on that today then i was yesterday haha:P

Some other interesting blogs!

I have some snowboard friends that has blogs to! Check them out-
Gjermund Braaten
Ludwig Lejkner

Video #3 - cab 900 crash, broke my nose

Running is not my thing..

I did some workout this morning, that was cool becuase i have no muscels and I need some!!
I hate to run... Whatever thats something you have to do these days! Now its raining but i still got to do it:P I will take some pics while im running and put up later so you can se how boring it is.. haha.

Video #2 - Cab 1080

Video #1 - Fs1080 shiftyshifty

Some training

Today ive been training for some hours..
First when i woke up i made some fresh breakfast.
After that i went swimming for 45 minutes. Then i went home and made some bacon that went down really good.. I was chilling for some hours before i went to the place where i train up my muscles.
The guy that keeps that thing going round is so cool. He let me train there for free so im stoked.


Name: Kevin Bäckström.
Age: 17, 1992-07-16.
Live: Ulricehamn, Sweden.
Sport: Snowboard.
Board: Burton LOVE.
Bindings: UnInc EST.
Goggles: Anon FIGMENT.
Boots: Burton MOTO.
Clothes: Burton.

First post

Hello there!

This is my first post..
I was in Folgefonna some weeks ago and it was sick!
Really good park and everything was super.
Martin Grönneberg was there filming for hes new movie Im here, out there.
We got some good shots so im stoked.