Right now im in Geilo, Norway. I came home from Austria
yesterday and drove straight here.

Air & Style ..
It was an experience I must say. It was the best competition I
have ever been on. We were given accommodation at the Hilton hotel Innsbruck, Massage
& fully serviced with food and everything all the time.

The competition didnt go that well. I ended up 5 or something..

1st pic, Me and tor, 2nd pic, Me and my mom, 3rd pic me and my dad..


Hey there!
Air & Style is really sick. Everything is perfect. We had a long training day today.. Its so much air time on that kicker as you can see on the photos..
The competition starts at 17:30 tomorrow.. Watch it on!
Here is some screenshots from the training today. Johannes Brenning is the man.


Yo guys!
Today ive been shredding in Stubai with Ludde, Seppe, Anthony and some other guys!
Was alot of powder there so i was shredding like never before. They also had a kicker but i didnt like it at all.

Some minutes ago I checked in at the hotel in Innsbruck. We are staying at Hilton so thats nice.
Tonight its gonna be a easy night. No riding or something just a dinner at the hotel.

I will write more tomorrow!


Im in Innsbruck now after a sick week in Saalfelden&Kaprun with the Nike 6.0 people.

The first day i was there we went up to the glacier to film some kickers and stuff for the Nike 6.0 presentation. It was alot of wind up there but we had alot of fun! Then the other days we were just riding and having fun and then in the evening we had dinner with all the people. They had a sales meeting there so it was like 150 people walking around in Nike shoes hehe.  Thomas Harstad from Norway was also there. He works for 6.0 now so thats cool! I also got my first pair of shoes from them, really stoked. Thanks Koen!
I cant post the video here now but i will do it when i can! Here is some screen shots you can look at.    

Jesse the coolest kid ever!!

It was a small jump but we had so much fun.

Chilling in the sun!

Some fast spinning going on,

And some stylish spins aswell.

Laaater brothers



This weekend I was in Stockholm to compete in the World Cup at Stockholm Stadion. I unfortunately crashed in both my qualifying runs. Everything felt good in the air but then I cut down my edge in the landing. I prefer a bit harder landings so you can put down the steel edge of the board. The day before WinterJam I did a little interview with Lilla Sportspegeln. It was really fun actually. I do not like to see or hear myself on television but this time it was not that bad haha.

You can watch the whole episode HERE

The skier Oscar Scherlin were also there.

Tomorrow Im going to Kaprun in Austria for a nike 6.0 team week. Now I can also say that Nike is my new shoe sponsor. Im really stoked about that:)

Later homies


Hey there.
The qualification was yesterday. In the morning when we came there it was suuuper windy and really foggy.. I think its really scary to ride when the weather is like that so i skipped the training..
Then it was me standing there on the start gate super windy, i havent tried the jumps..
First kicker went well and then i did fs10 and crashed.. I cant do fs 10s any more, something is wrong haha. I didnt make it in London & Barcelona and now i crashed here aswell??? Not so stoked on that.. looks like  i have to learn a new favourite trick!:P



We just had a good dinner at the hotel resturant.
Before that we went down to the pool&sauna. Was pretty cool down there.. Im not a big fan of sauna but maybe its good to take one after a whole day up on the mountain?


Me & Ludde just arrived to Dachstein. We got a pretty good appartment so thats sick!
The best thing about it is that we have a pool and sauna in the basement.
Tomorrow we gonna go up to the mountain and ride some snowboard. Im really looking forward to ride on real snow again haha..


I just arrived in Salzburg, Austria! Me and Ludde is chilling at the hotel at the moment.. We are going out soon to get some food.

It went so baaad in Barcelona.. I dont know whats happening, everything went so good in Saas Fee. I guess i have to train up my legs a bit!:)

Tomorrow we are going to Dachstein for some shredding before pleasure jam!

laaater homies


So many buildings here..

3d cinema


me and ludde chillin

sharks is the shit!


Hello. I just came back to the hotel after a walk in the town.
After a while we went to hardrock cafe to eat there for our 3rd time in 3days. That food there is so good!!

The jump in barcelona without snow




Im in Barcelona right now chillin with my friends. My dad is also here now so thats nice. London was so sick, the jump was perfect and it was so many people there watching. Everything went well in the training and then i crashed my both runs in the qualis.. Not so stoked about that.

Im in Barcelona right now and its supersick here! Nice weather so im taning  with some hawaiin tropic oil.

here is some pictures from london


I came home like 5 minutes ago.
The interview went better then i thougt it should do. Im allways getting nervous when im talking in front of a camera. I dont know why but thats how it is! I need some training for that i guess:) After that i went to the norwegians for some chilllling..
Tomorrow i need to pack my bags becuase im going to London for the worldcup on friday.
Peace homies


In 30 minutes im gonna have a small interview with a swedish tv chanell SVT.
I have to go now. 



Triple backflip yeaaaaah!


Switzerland is a really nice country!!

Yesterday our trainers came by with cakes and stuff to us:)

Almost everything was empty when i woke up..

Im still sick but im getting better!


Hey there.
Im still sick, i got fever and stuff.. I have to take it easy for some days now..

I just saw that i had a photo in the swedish snowboard magazine Transition.
Its a photo from Mammoth, USA. Photo taken by, Daniel Blom.


Today the weather was perfect! Sunny and everything, not that icy..
It was so many people there so you had to wait like 50 minutes for the t-bar.
Hope its less people tomorrow:)



All the photos taken by Peter Glöersen


I was home today again..

It feels like im getting sick. Ive bought some pills so hopefully I will get better untill tomorrow. It has been snowing all night so all the other guys had a good powderday.



I made a new design on my blog this morning as you can se!
Yesterday i did something that fucked up the other one..

Ive been home today again becuase of bad weather.. Hope its better tomorrow:)


Holla! Today we went up pretty early to the glacier..
The park was good like the first runs and then the kickers were pure ice!
Right now im eating some Baguettes with fresh salmon from Alaska yeah.


Im chilling big time right now. Just made some fresh pasta carbonara!

Some days ago I got confirmed that im in the rookie challenge on Air & Style.
Im really stoked about that!!

Its gonna be alot of good riders in the rookie comp. Riders like Tom Klocker, Christian Haller, Seppe Smits, Ethan Morgan, Halldor Helgason, Niki Korpela & my homie Ludwig ¨bethoven¨ Lejkner.

The Rookie Challenge is a Jam Session in which each rider is allowed to make three runs - one "warm-up" run and two runs that will be judged. Only the best one counts. The winner will take part in the main contest at the Billabong Air & Style 2010.

Im looking forward to that!


Me and Sebastian woke up 8 this morning and went up to the mountain.
We took like 5 runs before we went down becuase of the bad weather:/


Today i woke up pretty late, went to the hospital but it was closed:/ That sucked pretty bad..
Tomorrow im going up to the mountain and im looking forward to that!!


Today when I woke up i where super stoked.. 5 minutes later Joachim (Bolleklump) Krogstie came in and told us that the slopes where closed. It was superwindy and now its snowing down here in the village. Now im gonna watch the movie G-Force, Im really looking forward to that movie haha. laaater


I feel pretty good now so im going up to the glacier tomorrow:)
Im really stoked about that. But im not sure if im gonna do the 1080 haha. Little bit scared of that trick now.
I wanna be better on BS spins so im gonna go all in for that i guess.

Here is the video of my slam. Doesnt look that bad as it was.


I'm Here Out There Trailer from Video Wizards on Vimeo.

Saas fee day 3

Today was not a good day for me..
It was really fun in the morning but then later i crashed.
I did a fs1080 and the wind took me so i landed on the knuckle. I landed and flew down the landing and then cut my toedge.. No so fun haha. I went to the doctor and i had pushed my whole ribcage back a bit. But its gonna be okey in some days i hope.

Everybody rode so good today, Lude cab10, Jokern cab10 & all the others did sick 9s and stuff!