Strip club business

Its a doll on the photo and not a stripper just so you know.. 
Hello hello hello.. As some of you guys might have seen there is a photo of me from a Strip club all over the Swedish news. It's the most viewed article on the biggest newspaper in sweden aftonbladet.se today..

And no I'm not gonna say sorry for being in a strip club. Im just like any other random dude who goes in to a strip club and watch those ladies shake their asses. I'm not here with the Swedish National team I'm here by myself cruising with my friends getting the feeling back on the board after my arm injury. So yeah... It was bad weather and we were bored so Me my bro Tor and some Norwegian homies went to that strip club. We watched those strippers dance as you normally do when your at a strip club. Seriously, what dude at my age haven't been to one of those places? Is it weird for a young guy like me to be in a strip club? I don't think so... As i said to the news i love beautiful girls who doesn't? I had a great time last night tho haha..


Its been raining all day today and it was super foggy up there so we didn't go up! Hopefully it snowed up there tho. We pretty much have been chillin all day, took a little bike ride in the rain... 

Some of my delicious instagram photos gets deleted.. I think they are bangers but those assholes who reports the photos obviously don't like em. Can you guys who just reports my photos stop follow me cuz I'm gonna keep on posting that stuff anyways. 

 As its been bad weather i had good time today to find some delicious babes for you all!


Hello, I'm back!

Im not only back on this blog, Im finally back on my board again! Feels better than ever.. Im up in Hintertux right now and its pretty damn good. Im just cruising around tho getting the feeling back on my board buts i for sure haven't had this much fun in a while! Its been boring being injured but its been good at the same time, been working out a bunch and i feel really strong for this upcoming season. Sorry to you guys thats been visiting my blog everyday when i haven't put shit up. Stoked that your still interested in me tho. And of course i had to put some ladies up on this blog. 
If you didnt know already i got a Instagram.. Follow me there: Kevinbackstrom
 Adios for today /KB